Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Favorites

Hey, friends!  I have exciting news for you.... Erika, Narci and I are starting a new link-up on Fridays.
"Friday Favorites" is the time to share your favorites from the week.  Favorite moment, favorite new shirt, favorite thing one of your kids said, favorite new pens, etc!  It could be one or it could be 10!  Totally up to you!!!   Just grab the code from the button below and paste it into your Friday Favorites post, link to the three of us and then link up!  I'm starting today - but the linkup will start next Friday!


To kick us off, I'm going to be sharing several favorites :)

1) This Kid. And the things he says.
Seriously.  When did he turn 11?!?!?! hahaha  
Despite starting to look OH SO BIG, he reminds me daily that he's still little.  Especially when he says things like this...
"Lasterday" = yesterday
"This day" = today
"Nexterday" = tomorrow

For example, "Mommy... are we going to the museum this day or nexterday?" :)

2) Southern Hot Tot
I met Jordan from Southern Hot Tot last year and she is the sweetest!  She dropped off a bag of goodies for me and Griffin and I was so excited!!!

Their jewelry is super fun, bright and REALLY reasonably priced!

This pair reminded me A LOT of my Serenity Stone drops from Stella and Dot and I think I'll be wearing these A LOT this fall with my chunky scarves and boots.

She also sent over some adorable goodies for Griffin.  The little girls jewelry is precious and CRAZY inexpensive.... think $3 range! SERIOUSLY!!! 

I think that I'm going to stock up on the hair clips and little necklace/bracelet sets to use "bling" when I wrap up little girls presents.  How fun would that be?!?!

They have these two dresses in right now for $21 (left) and $19 (right).  
I'm considering throwing a rainbow party for Griffin JUST so she could wear the dress on the right :)  And I think the dress on the left would be PRECIOUS with a little pair of cowboy boots or gladiator sandals.

Griffin got this ADORABLE floral tutu dress and I squealed when she put it on...

The clippy is also from them and is around $5.

There is a lining to the skirt... but I forgot to pull it down - so no worries if you decide to order :)

 She would NOT keep the bracelets on, but they entertained her on her ankles for a solid 3 minutes :)

I think everything looks better with a jean jacket (duh!) and look at how previous it will be as a top with some ruffle pants in the Fall.  The bodice is super stretchy so I have no doubt it will still fit her when cooler weather comes around.

3) Sweet T Boutique
Tessa from Sweet T is SUPER creative and fun.  She sent me a surprise package in the mail this week and it absolutely made my day!

I attempted to take a few pictures of Griffin in the super sparkly bows... but she's been teething and was NOT being cooperative.  Shocker, I know.  I'm sure you'll be seeing LOTS of these on my IG :)

Tessa also threw in a few headbands for me as well - which was PERFECT considering that I've had pool hair for the last week and a half. hahaha
I snapped these all on the same day - I promise I wasn't wearing the same neon pullover three days in a row... although I will totally admit to doing that on other occasions :)  Tessa takes custom orders and is FANTASTIC to work with - be sure to check her out!

 4) Back to Work!
Spending all day in Math department meetings isn't necessarily my favorite thing in the world, BUT I did get my favorite hot tea and I'm starting to get excited about my FAVORITE part of the school year - the beginning!  I love meeting my new students and seeing how much my students from last year grew up over the summer.  I love the excitement, anticipation and hwo organized I am at the beginning of the school year. 

Working yesterday and today also makes me REALLY appreciate the last little bit of summer that's left.  I have next week off with my kiddos - then I'm off to a WEEK of Pre-AP training EVERY SINGLE DAY in Dallas (like... 9 - 5... boo!) and then I have one more week and then it's in-service time! I'm planning on savoring each and every day I have left at home with my sweets!

5) Speaking of Sweets
Speaking of sweets... I got to sneak home for about 10 minutes today during my lunch break... just enough time to grab some snuggles, a sandwich and a Starbucks on my way back for vertical alignment and Biblical Integration meetings.

6) Finding Selfies
I find random selfies that my boys have taken on my phone all. the. time. and it makes me smile like no other. I accidentally deleted instead of email a bunch of Luke's - but his are always great!

7) HM Willow Bracelet Winner
I'm still giddy that Ariele from Hippie Chick gave me an HM Willow bracelet to give to one of y'all!!!  I'm already excited about the next shipment she has coming in :)  I wish you all could win one!!!  But a big congratulations to...........

Elizabeth Hovorka!!!

Shoot me an email ( and I'll get your bracelet out to you tomorrow!

I hope y'all have a FABULOUS weekend and I can't wait for all of you to link up for Friday Favorites next week!!!


  1. So excited for a new Friday link up!

  2. How how how is summer almost over. Yuck!!! I feel like school just for out and and now we are gearing up for back to school! Happy Friday and have a fabulous weekend!!!!

  3. I love this! Friday Faves is always my fave post to do! I linked up with you today:)
    PS Could Griffin's wardrobe be ANY cuter?!

  4. That link up is going to be so fun! Also, that tutu dress is crazy cute!! Also, Mason's selfie is the best! What a sweet boy!!

  5. My Mason, who is three, says "Lasterday" too. Funny. Love that dress on Griffin!

  6. I'm sooooo excited about the new link up party! And listen.....they way you styled the tutu dress for fall? Maybe I will have another baby......
    p.s. Carter says "lasterday" too, and it's my favorite. I think it makes soooo much sense. But he doesn't say nexterday. TOTALLY wish he did though! :)

  7. Tessa is an old friend of my husband's- our first official date was her wedding! Thanks for featuring her on your blog!

  8. That little dress Griffin has on is so adorable and it's going to look so cute in fall with those ruffle pants and a jean jacket! Also, I am loving the sweet curls in her hair, my Grace's hair is pretty curly these days with the summer heat and humidity and rarely stays straight anymore! Happy weekend!!!

  9. Loving all the headbands, bows, and super cute clothes on Griffin!!! And random selfies are the best :)

    Can't wait to start linking up on Fridays :) Have a great weekend Andrea!

  10. Does Southern Hot Tot ship? I saw her site is under construction. Love the rainbow and floral tutu dresses for my three year old!

    Rachel from Colorado :)

    1. Yes, they do. Email your orders to They also have a facebook with several super cute items. Prices are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. that dress of Griffin's so so cute! I think I need one for my daughter, heck she should make them in adult sizes so we can both match :) I can't believe you're already going back to work, feels like you just left for summer break! Can't wait for the link up next week!

    1. You should get one. Love mine for my daughter!
      I emailed my order to They gave me a free pair of earrings for my order.
      LOVE their kids clothes but LOVE the adult jewelry even more. Their prices are so great. Cant believe the quality for price! Lovie!

  12. Love your blog! Can't wait to link up with you girls Friday! Your children are adorable, and I totally get the whole, not much time left before school starts! I also love how organized I am at the beginning of the year. That lasts about a month! Ha!

  13. Fun link up! The accessories are adorable too!

  14. Can't wait to link up next Friday! That is, if I figure out how! :) I just started blogging and have a lot to learn!
    BTW, I just discovered Stella & Dot a few months ago and I love their stuff. Especially the bags and scarves!

  15. Griffin's floral tutu dress.. oh my goodness.. adorable!!
    I like your new link up idea!
    Enjoy the weekend!! :)

    1. You should get the floral tutu. I got it for my daughter and absolutely love it. Such a great find for the price!
      They have a facebook. I ordered from Such a great little store.

  16. Thanks for sharing about Southern Hot Tot! Their stuff is adorable!! Hopefully I can drag the hubby and our baby girl to her shop next weekend!!!

    1. You should. I went and cant tell you how cute all their stuff is. They are getting a women's line soon and I hear from a good friend it's going to be amazing and such good prices. They have a lot of stuff on sale right now bc they are moving inventory downstairs to expand and take half the store. Go now while they still have all the kids stuff on sale. I got 8 outfits. :))))))))))))))))))))

  17. We have a webpage now:


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