Thursday, July 24, 2014

Back to Reality :)

Y'all - this week has been NUTS!  I am learning so much, but it's also been totally draining.  Today is my last day of training and then I plan on SAVORING my last few days of summer break!

It's been early mornings!!!  (Dave keeps his car clock at 10 minutes fast!)

And there has been lots of Starbucks.  Lots.

While I was at training, Dave was off and he took all three kids with him to Griffin's 15 month check-up.

She weighed in at 23 lb 15 oz (67th percentile) and was 31" long (67th percentile again!).
She got 2 shots, but apparently was more perturbed about her goldfish being finished than she was about the shots :)  A girl after her mama's heart!

Monday night we met some of our besties at the pool for dinner.  It was PERFECT timing since the last thing I wanted to do was cook. :)

Mason was SUPER excited about taking a pic with me - so this is what I ended up with :) Awesome.

Sweet girlies - Griffin was being uncooperative. hahaha

YAY! Friends for the win!

I had missed these crazies and was so glad to spend some family time with them after being gone all day!

 Tuesday morning was another early one - and Little Miss was the only one up to give me snuggles before I left.  So I gave her extra and she promised to share them with her brothers :)

My classroom is FREEZING (which I LOVE!) so I've been layering like CRAZY! Also - I took this pic on my way in to class and didn't realize until now that I still had my sunglasses on. hahaha  Told you it was early!

 Tuesday night we just played, played and played some more and then Dave took this blurry pic of me and my boys "snuggling" before bed.  hahaha

The kids have been going to Miss Lisa's house - and yesterday morning Dave accomplished an impressive feat.  All three kids up, fed, dressed and to Miss Lias's before 8:30 a.m. WITH a photo-op for mommy :)

I dressed extra comfy for yesterday - 9+ hours in a classroom calls for it :)

Matilda Jane Ruffles (more info tomorrow!!!), Anthropologie top (sold out), white denim jacket and TOMS ballet flats (these aren't my exact pair - but they're super cute and a great color!)  #rufflesfordays

Afternoon Starbucks run.  Told y'all.  Lots of Starbucks :)

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  1. Girlfriend! You're lookin' so cute for your Pre-AP training!! I bet you're the cutest math teacher there :). We love swimming and eating dinner with your fam! Love you guys!

  2. You look so cute in your ruffles! Love it!!!! Happy Thursday!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness I want you to teach me not to be scared of color. You are adorable!

  4. Get done with that training already! We miss you!!!! And I bet you are LOVING being able to layer for your class. Almost make it totally worth going, right? :)

  5. You might be gone early, but you're looking SO GOOD!!! Last day!! You can do it!!!

  6. Boo! Summer is ending :( but you looked super cute even though you had to sit through hours of training! :) thanks for sharing

  7. Love the ruffles! I'm not looking forward to summer ending at all either.

  8. Luke's blue steel model face juxtaposed against Mason's uncooperative face - made me giggle! I've got some silly nephews!

  9. You just always look so cute, love the ruffles! Also, Smith's face in the friend pic cracked me right funny!

  10. Girl, I love your style! Where did you get those super cute chunky stone bracelets? Love them!

  11. You are the cutest!!

    Man, I adore those Toms ballet flats and I think seeing your pair has me totally sold on them!

  12. I am sorry you have to go back to school so soon!
    Yay for outdoor dinners with friends and family!

  13. Where oh where are those adorable stamped bracelets from? You already lured me into the bangles a few weeks ago. Dying to know about he others.

  14. You have the cutest style and I wish I could pull it off myself! Also, I am totally jealous of being able to layer. Whew! Is summer over yet?

  15. Hello, I am new to following your blog. I love love love the navy ruffle Matilda Jane pants. I need them. I signed up for your online trunk sale tomorrow, but just wanted to make sure that they would be available? Your kids are adorable! Thanks, Katie

  16. Discovered your blog from Shay Shull's blog and I just love the friendship that all of you share! You are all such blessed mama's and you're right-- drama is for the birds! Enjoy the kids going off to Kindergarten! Soon they will be in college! My "Baby" is a senior in college!


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