Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Four and a Half Day Weekend :)

My "weekend recap post" is actually going to cover 4.5 days. EXTRA FUN, right??? :)

Thursday night we had planned to have dinner with the Shulls at the pool.  Griffin still wasn't feeling great - but I wasn't about to tell my boys that they were no longer going to the pool with their friends... so Griffin and I took one for the team and stayed home while the boys went.

Mason sported his new swimsuit...

... and he was REALLY excited :)

 Since I wasn't there - Shay texted me lots of pics.  Like this one of Luke with a snorkel IN HIS MOUTH.  I figured it was one of Shay's kids and so I wasn't too disturbed.  Turns out that he found it by the lifeguard stand as he came in.  #ewww

Love these kiddos!!!

... and love that my friends love my kids :)

Then this happened...

Oh, Mason.

Friday morning started off FANTASTIC with Griffin drinking for the first time in about two and a half days.  PRAISE JESUS!!!  She still wanted nothing to do with milk, but at least she was drinking!

After some ice water and breakfast, I took her out of her jammies and I swear the fresh clothes, little bit of water and morning air did her good - because sister was HAPPY!!!

Check out that bump :) hahaha

I put her down for her nap and she was quiet.  About an hour later I could hear her jabbering, but I left her in her crib.... Mason and I were putting laundry away, playing cars, etc. while Luke was at golf camp and she sounded happy.  About 20 minutes later I told Mason to go in and tell his sister good morning and he came running back to the boys room informing me that Griffin was "COVERED IN POOP".  My heard immediately dropped into my stomach. hahaha  

When I walked into her room I found her completely clean diaper laying on the floor next to her crib and found poop EVERYWHERE.  One end of the crib to the other.  All over her body.  All over all of her bedding and stuffed animals.  It was awful. I quickly (and thoroughly!) bathed her and threw her in the pack and play and got to the business of cleaning up the rest of the mess.  After I was done, I went in to check on her and found her looking super guilty.  NOT!!!

She was happy as a clam.  Squealing, clapping and proud of herself and her crazy after bath hair. :)

I'm just thankful that this is the only time this has ever happened.  Griffin has been informed that she has officially lost nightgown privileges :)

While I was cleaning up poop, Luke was finishing up golf camp.  :)

That hat!!!

 He had so much fun and learned a lot - and today he starts Sports Camp where he'll be doing golf AND tennis.  He's been a busy boy :)

 Friday afternoon, Miss Priss had a rough afternoon.  Lots of whining, lots of crying, lots of drama.
THEN... sparkles for the win! 

Dave got home at dinnertime and I headed out.  hahaha.  It was his member-guest week and he was putting in TONS of hours, so mama needed a break.  I headed out to Home Goods and Hobby Lobby and may have shouted "FREEDOM!!!" all William Wallace style as I picked up a Starbucks and watched the sunset from my minivan. #momlife

Dave was at work before 5:30 a.m. on Saturday and all three kids were up before 7:00.  The boys ate breakfast outside while "watering" my plants.  I looked outside and saw this... 

... Luke is still in his polo shirt from golf camp on Friday and Mason is naked.  Oh well :)

GG was still taking Tylenol and ibuprofen every few hours, which meant she was getting a healthy dose of Blue Bell ice cream every few hours as well.  She HATED the medicine dropper and she LOVES ice cream, so I got creative.

The boys played outside ALLLLLLLL morning and G and I hung out inside...

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!  I adore this blurry pic :)

Saturday night we made tambourines before dinner (WHAT WAS I THINKING! HOLY NOISE!!!)

and Gibi came and hung out with us.

Dave worked until around 2 a.m. on Sunday morning and since we didn't want G in the nursery after her week, it was just the boys and I headed to church.  Shay took this of us as we were walking in... love my boys!!!

I have no words for the next picture :) 

Sunday afternoon was a rainy one, so we snuggled up and pretended it was Fall. Take took Luke to the golf course to putt and the littles went to bed early.  

Yesterday morning G was ready for her first outing since last Wednesday... the grocery store! 

We made and ate brownies :)

And Luke played golf with Dave after dinner AGAIN.

So there you have it!  I feel like we're back to the land of the living this week.  We're ready for sports camp, errands and lots of fun with friends.

Tomorrow is the Momfessionals Recipe Club and I have something SUPER yummy to share with y'all!  Get your recipes ready to share!!!  Also - next Monday, Erika and I are doing Favorite Things again!  Get excited!

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  1. Stinks having a sick kiddo...especially in the summer when you're ready to hang out BUT glad Griffin is back to 100%!!!

  2. We missed you and G on Thursday! Your boys crack me up!! We had fun (even though we really missed you girls too!). And that picture of Mason with his head under the gate...hysterical!!!

  3. OMG...you crack me up!!! Fav picture of the day...Griffin stepping on Mason's head! It will be one that becomes a family classic!! :))

    Patty from TX

  4. SUCH A FUN post! Mason under the gate is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time!
    Soooo happy G is finally feeling better. Poor sweet girl.

  5. Glad griffin is feeling better and the poop story still has me laughing! Happy Tuesday!!!!

  6. Just love you and your family! Mason is so stinking funny!

  7. I love, love, love this post! Every time I read your blog it's like i'm reading my life! Three kiddos is an adventure for sure!

  8. Loved this fun re-cap! And I could not be MORE happy G is feeling all better!! The poop story is one for the books! My fav part was losing nightgown privileges...I laughed out loud ;) ~She seriously looked ADORABLE the whole time while she was not felling well...but that "she has perked up" pic...perfection! So happy you are back to a normal fun week!! oh & p.s....golf camp!? I can't handle the cuteness...I am thinking of doing with Preston, and I think you just made my mind up! :)

  9. Laughing out loud at the William Wallace comment :)
    Love those tambourines!

  10. even though G was sick, still a good weekend. I die about the poop! I absolutely die! Luke playing golf, tell your hubby to take a video of him playing, I'd love to see that cuteness. Glad G is feeling better and you guys are back to the land of the living.

  11. I seriously laughed SO HARD when I read that G lost her nightgown priveliges...hahahahaha! The pic of her squealing with her hair flipping up is SOOOO cute! Can't wait to see what recipe you post and soon be linking up with you!! :)

  12. Mason under the gate, G in that super smiley blurry pic and Luke at golf, I die....those kiddos are just the best!!!

  13. It was my 3rd baby that blessed me with the "poop everywhere" experience too! UGH! I was sooo horrified!! Glad your sweet girl is feeling better and I love all the fun pics of Mason and the ones of Luke looking all grown up at golf camp!!

  14. Griffin has definitely had a rough patch, glad she is feeling better. Hopefully you all will get some fun time with her soon!

    I hear you on hanging out in the mini van watching the sun. I've been guilty of that so many times. Silence is worth a million bucks sometimes :)


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