Friday, May 23, 2014

Five on Friday - SCHOOL'S OUT!!!

- ONE -

I walked into my classroom yesterday morning and was greeted by this....

 ... yes.... that's my stool, wrapped in foil.  But there's more!!!


Shay, you can crawl out from under your desk now :) hahaha

Pretty much every item in my classroom was either wrapped in foil or saran wrap.

That's a set of calculators individually wrapped...

... and koosh balls in a jar individually wrapped...

.... and pens and scissors individually wrapped :)

Who could be behind such a prank?!?!?!  
This group of adorable eighth grade girls, that's who!!! :)
(not the photobombing boys in the background - they're jealous that they didn't think of a fun prank)

IT was a total disaster to clean up, but the kids took care of it for me and it's definitely something I won't forget any time soon :)

And don't think I was the only teacher to get pranked.  The history teaher had cups FULL of water on all of his desks ("These cups are full of our tears since you won't be our teacher next year")

Balloons in the Latin room...

... and the English Teacher (who hates Nicholas Cage) had pics of him ALL OVER her room!

- TWO - 
New sandbox!!!

Our backyard is a MAJOR work in progress.  The boys favorite part of it is the sandbox... which they have totally outgrown.  An expansion plan went into place and Luke and Haha were going to work on it on together yesterday.  Miss Lisa (our babysitter) got food poisoning (EEEEEEK!) and so Dave and the littles got to stay home and help as well!

I wasn't there... but from what I understand this was THE greatest moment of the boys life :)

I'll show y'all more backyard details another day... but here's a sneak peek :)

We pretty much have our own beach and the boys are CRAZY about it!

G wanted to get out there with them, but I was putting laundry away an so she settled for being about 5 feet away... through the window :)


Several of y'all have asked me about Griffin's shoes that she's been sporting now that she's walking.  They're Livie and Luca Petals.  I think the style is super cute and they have seem to not bother her at all.  They're not the cheapest shoes, but they're holding up GREAT!  In case you're curious - she's currently wearing a size 4 with plenty of room.  I wouldn't be surprised if she can wear these all the way into Fall.

She also has several pairs of Joyfolies, but they don't stay on her feet as well and since she's just learning to walk that's kind of important :)

- FOUR -
Erika and my Favorite Things Linky Party is happening on Monday!!! It's Memorial Day and we're going to be featuring our favorite Red, White and Blue finds!  I can't wait to see what everyone posts about!
If you're interested in looking back at previous link-ups you can find them here...

- FIVE - 
Random Cuteness

Random cuteness!!!  I was attempting to take a "Last Day of School pic" on Wednesday when the typically uncooperative Mason wanders out of his bed (this was at about 6:55 a.m.) and decides he wants to be in the pic as well (sidenote: he's refusing to wear jammies or pants nowadays).  Griffin (who is typically still asleep at this point) was up because she had a CRAZY leaky diaper which is also why she was fully dressed and ready.  This picture happened and I LOVE it!

After school I snapped a few pics of cute Miss G :)

And then yesterday she was lookin' extra cute AND sparkly :)

And just in case you need a little MORE cuteness....

Happy Friday, Friends!!!


  1. The new sandbox looks incredible!!
    I'm excited to think of something red white and blue for the linkup.
    Griffin's nautical top is adorable!!

  2. Oh my goodness! The amount of time and detail it took for them to foil your class blows my mind! That was a lot of trouble and work! I love, love, love that they love you so much they wanted to foil your stinkin' cute! Happy Summer Andrea! I can't wait to spend it with YOU!

  3. I MEAN. I want to be bff with all of those 8th grade girls. SOOOOOO good! And your sandbox? HOLY FUN! Carter needs to get over there asap. When would you like me to drop him off?

  4. Your classroom!!! Oh my goodness!! What does P.M.G. mean? I'm sure it's a new cool word that I know nothing about!! haha!! LOVE all those cute pics of G! Adorable!!

  5. Loving that your 8th grade girls spent so much time on that prank - so sweet! They must really love you!:)

    Loving all the adorable pictures of your littles! I know you must be so excited to have a couple of months off now to spend with them. Happy summer, Andrea!:)

  6. The sandbox!!! The foil!! It's just all too much!

  7. I want to go back to 8th grade just so you can be my teacher haha! I'm sure it took a lot of time for your students to 'foil' your plans but what a token of love! Yay for summer!! :)

  8. Happy Summer to you!!!! Yay for school being out! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Those pranks are the cutest! I love how your class seems to be so fun! Those pranks are genius!! So much fun!

  10. I am dying over all the cuteness! G makes me want another little one so much!

    That sandbox looks great!

    I can't even imagine having everything wrapped in foil like that! Your students really love you :)

  11. Yay for Summer! What a fun post..I loved all those pranks, how creative!

  12. I love that your girls wrapped foil on everything in your room! It's a sign of love and respect for sure :) ...and it makes me miss being in the classroom and my kids. Kids can be so sweet, can't they? Happy Summer to you! Enjoy that awesome new sandbox!

  13. This is so awesome! I love the foil prank! I wish I was smart enough to think of something like that!

  14. I'm pretty impressed with the prank that the girls played! And impressed it was the girls that came up with the prank. When do they have time to do all of that?! It must have taken hours! Also, can't wait to see the backyard remodel! The sandbox is looking amazing!

  15. Hahaha. This is so, so funny!! Middle schoolers are he best!! Love that sweet nautical top on Griffin! 💜


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