Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Busy Busy

Summer has started... and so far it has been NON STOP!  Busy busy!!!
Friday the littles went to Miss Lisas for their last day and I took Luke and his bestie to the Perot Museum.

It was so fun to see these two talk and play and explore all morning.

And yes... they hold hands :) So so so sweet!!

After the museum we headed to the restaurant of their choice... McDonalds! :)

Lincoln headed home and Luke and I hung out at home before Mason and G got home.  Friday night I headed to MCA for graduation.  I had Alanna for 7th, 8th and 9th grade!  It's always surreal when my sweet little middle schoolers graduate! (and especially surreal when they get married, have babies and become middle school teachers). #imreallyold

Papa Jay was the speaker and he was FANTASTIC!!!
(PS - My face looks about 15 months prego in this pic... yes.... I said 15)

These girls crack me up.  They're sophomores (well, they will be next year) and are GORGEOUS!!!  Again - my middle school babies growing up!  If you've been a reader for a while you probably recognize "Mason's Anna Grace" on the right.  She hung out with us A LOT last summer to help me out when G was newborn and she'll be back again this summer! WOO HOO!!!  Katie hung out with us as well - two of the sweetest girls ever :)

I'm going to make this a WIWW post too (because #twobirdswithonestone) and to Graduation I wore white linen pants, a black tee from Anthropologie and a new Matilda Jane sweater.  I'm obsessed with the sweater... it's lightweight, ombre and great quality.  I love the ruffles and the button details.  SO CUTE!

The blue ombre sweater is sold out (I MAY be able to get one size small from my Trunk Keeper... email me if you're interested)... but the sweater below is still in stock.  Griffin has a coat that has a hood out of the same material as the sweater and we're going to wear them for Fall pics (yes - I'm nutso).

Dave was working all weekend long (the pools opened - so the snack bars opened as well) so Saturday morning it was just me and the kids.  Griffin spent her morning running around with a pirate sword :)

And the boys played in the sandbox and then took a bath.  After baths and G's nap we headed to the mall to run a couple of errands...

Doesn't G look super excited to watch Mason build in the Lego store??? :) #littlesisterproblems

We got home and Griffin was super excited to see our neighbors :)

And after lunch she helped me put away dishes :)

Saturday I wore this AWESOME tie dye scarf that a student gave me as an end of the year teacher gift.  It's from a local boutique (Cotton Hearts - Downtown McKinney) and it's so so so pretty in real life.  I also picked up some Kate Spade studs that I'm loving.  Griffin always wants to pull on my dangly earrings and I think these will help with that.

Saturday afternoon Mark and Diana came by for a bit and after they went home Miss G got a chance to try out the sand box.

It started off well...

... and then this happened :)

G came inside and decided to chow down on some lasagna instead of sand...

... and the boys ate their lasagna shirtless out back (excuse our messy patio - work in progress!)

 After dinner they played some more...

and played even more while I bathed Griffin, fed Griffin a bottle and put her to bed.  I snapped this through my bedroom window while putting laundry away at almost 8 p.m.  I had to go outside and physically carry them in :)  Saying they love their sandbox is a total understatement.

Sunday morning Dave was back at work and the kids and I headed to church (yes... Mason is wearing the same shirt as Saturday... picking my battles) :)  

I taught Sunday School with Erika and sported my "Y'all Tee" and Fancy Pants from Hippie Chick.

G took no nap in the nursery becasue she was too busy running around, but somehow she was all smiles when we got home.

She practiced her duck face at lunch and then it was naps all around.

Sunday evening we were all dressed and ready to head to a VIP party at a charity concert/event... but then it started POURING!!! 

Instead we stayed home in our patriotic attire and played peek-a-boo and ate pizza with Gibi and Haha.

Yesterday Mason was excited to show me his muscles and sport his new Boden double decker bus tee :)

We hit up WalMart in the rain...

... and after an exhausting trip (#truth), Dave saved the day and we swung through the Country Club to pick up grilled cheeses for the kids :)  When your hubby does Food and Beverage, the hours can be crazy - but the perks can be nice sometimes too. :)

We got home and I gave the kiddos their grilled cheese, and there was an extra box... my sweet hubby had a chicken pesto panini in there for me! WOO HOO!

After naps Dave came home and G and I ran a couple of errands.  Her two favorite toys right now are my purse and the remote control :)

Dave took the boys to the park...

... while G and I watched Real Housewives and folded laundry :)

WHEW!  That was a lot.  :)  I am loving summer break so far - rainy and not too hot and lots of time with my sweeties.  Dave is off today (HALLELUJAH!!!) and, if the weather cooperates, we'll be spending the day outside doing yardwork.  I hope y'all enjoyed all the pics today, because tomorrow is all about food!  It's the last Wednesday of the month and time for another Momfessionals Recipe Club! 

I'm going to be sharing one of my all time favorite recipes EVER - a recipe so good that it MAY put pregnant ladies into labor (true story).  Get your recipes ready, ladies!  I'm off for the summer and ready to try some new recipes!!!


  1. Woohoo! I am so excited about the recipe link up tomorrow, I'm excited that it's summer (for at least a month, after that, I'll be exctied to think about fall with you!), and I'm excited about that panini...I must order that the next time I'm at the club! Love you friend!

  2. 2 things stuck out to me during this post...1. That ruffled sweater was made for you. It SCREAMS "Andrea"!!! And 2. Dave is the sweetest!!

  3. What a fun weekend! I bet that you are exhausted!!

  4. Dang girl! You have been busy!!!!! Super cute pics, and I LOVE those Kate Spade studs. EVERYBODY needs a pair for sure!

  5. Shew! Y'all packed it in! Love the blue ombre sweater! So cute!

  6. Shew! Y'all packed it in! Love the blue ombre sweater! So cute!

  7. I'm tired just from reading what all y'all did. I LOVE the sweater!

  8. Love the pink sweater! How tall are those girls, they make you look so tiny! I can say that because I barely get to 5'1'.

  9. Love it all! The clothing, the kiddos, etc. Looks a great, busy weekend to me :)

    And how sweet is Dave?!?!

  10. I love your honesty about being a mama…it makes me laugh and I can so relate! I totally agree about the country club food being one of the best parts about a hubby in the golf business. One of my favorite things ever is the egg salad at our course. Happy Summer!

  11. Wow "busy, busy" is really an understatement! G's clothes are SO cute, where do you get them? What an awesome hubby to include something non-kid food for you :)

  12. Love your KS studs and your blue sweater!!
    You look so tiny next to those sophomores! :)

  13. Three kids at Wal-Mart is always an adventure! But in the rain, exhausting I'm sure. So sweet of your husband to throw in a box for you. :)

  14. OK, I've GOT to know...how tall are you? Either you are teeny tiny or those girls next to you at graduation are as tall as super models!

  15. Your post totally wore me out! LOL! Papa Jay is the best! The sandbox is awesome, and I love your "y'all" tee! I'm beginning to think your hubby works more than mine does!

  16. Andrea how tall are you? Those girls look like they just tower over you hahahah I'd be surprised if you were shorter than 5'4"!!! Looks like a lovely weekend!


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