Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Birthday, Griffin Joy!!!

Dear Griffin,
You are a dream come true.  Literally.

 You were gooey, and new and squished up and from the very first moment I laid eyes on you I thought you were the most beautiful little girl in the world. 

You have shocked and surprised us around every turn - from the day we found out you would be joining our family, to the day we found out you were a boy girl :) hehehe

 We were surprised that you were bigger than both of your brothers (you had Mason by more than a pound!)...

... and surprised by your sweet little bald head.

What has come as no surprise though is how PERFECTLY you have fit into our family.

You are THE most laid back baby ever...

... except when it comes to your bottle.  You are super particular about the temperature and the way you're held while you take it.  Even the staff in the church nursery has had to get on the diva train when it comes to your bottle.

You have fabulous lashes...

... the sweetest nose...

... and your dimpled thighs and hiney are to die for.

You love your bed, your brothers and being a part of the action all. the. time.

You currently have two teeth (with a third ALMOST through), but your lack of teeth hasn't stopped you from being a VORACIOUS eater the past 12 months.  Enchiladas, every fruit under the sun, all noodles and even creamy horseradish to name a few.

You're a great sleeper now, although the first 4 months I didn't think I would EVER sleep again... unless sleeping meant laying in bed with you plastered to my chest.  OR sleeping standing up while you hung out nestled in the ERGO carrier.  You have been a snuggler from the get go.

You're sooooooooooo close to walking.... and honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if today was the day you started walking full time.

You babble CONSTANTLY and make great eye contact while telling us big stories.

You are the best little errand runner ever... except that running errands with you usually takes longer because you're crazy social and want to "talk" to all the customers, babble at the employees and shriek a lot just for fun.  You also think it's great fun to stare at yourself in the mirrors.

Last night I kissed your delicious baby-smelling head and held you extra tight.

Before I know it you'll be holding your backpack, car keys, diploma, wedding bouquet and your baby's hands. 

I can't wait to see the amazing woman you'll become...

.... and I can't wait to hold your hand through it all.

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)

- EE Cummings

Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Griffin Joy!

I carry your heart, sweet girl.
I carry it in my heart.


  1. Happy first birthday, sweet Griffin!!!
    I have so enjoyed watching you grow since day 1 :)
    The photos by Narci at the end are gorgeous!!

  2. Oh my gosh this is so precious!! Happy Birthday Griffin Joy! What a busy month of birthdays!!

  3. ANDREA. STOP IT. Just stop it. Stop it now. This is just so precious I can't even stand it. And that line about soon you'll be holding your diploma...and then you're wedding bouquet....and then your baby's hand? Well. I lost it.
    So stop it.

  4. Girl! You have a GIFT!! For writing sappy birthday posts that make me cry before 6:15!!!

  5. Such a beautiful sweet baby! I enjoy following your blog as well as you on Instagram. What a beautiful family you have! Happy Birthday, Griffin!!!

  6. Happy birthday sweet Griffin! I can not believe she's one! Somebody please tell Father Time to get out!!

  7. Such beautiful words..I'm in tears..I do agree about how time goes by quickly.I remember my baby girl at the same age as Griffin and now she's almost 15..Time goes by quickly and we have to enjoy every moment with our babies.Happy 1st Birthday Griffin!

  8. Your family is precious! You should probably add a disclaimer to your birthday posts because they are definite tear jerkers, but I still love them.

  9. HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY sweet little girl. The Lord bless you and keep you in His tender care.

  10. You write so beautifully- every letter you've written recently to your babies has been such a sweet, tender, read.

  11. Yeah so I just read this, looked up at my sweet 3 yr old and 9month old girls and BAWLED!! 3yo said "what's wrong mommy?" Love love love this post!!

  12. I'm a newer follower, haven't commented yet. But had to say I am crying at my desk, I have a 2 1/2 year old boy & 20 weeks pregnant & we find out the gender of our baby today. She is absolutely precious & your a beautiful writer! Happy Birthday Griffin!

  13. She is so darling, Andrea! Love seeing her pics and the way you dress her. Happy Birthday, Griffin!

  14. Happy Birthday to your sweet, adorable baby girl!!! After hearing about her through IG and your blog, it really makes me want a little girl. Precious. Just precious.

  15. Oh that letter to sweet Griffin has given me tears in my eyes, what a perfect letter to your perfect and sweet and beautiful girl! My last baby turned 1 in Feb and I can barely handle it most days...they grow so fast. These pics of her, well you know how I feel about them....just the sweetest! :) Happy 1st Birthday sweet Griffin!

  16. ok, I am now pretending I am NOT crying at my desk at work! LOL! ( I work with all men... they don't get it! Happy birthday big girl!

  17. You make me tear up reading these amazing posts to your kids! I have truly enjoyed watching Griffin grow this past year :) She is such a little doll!
    Happy 1st Birthday Griffin!!!! :)

  18. Thanks for th cry this morning!!! We are preparing to meet our third daughter. It goes so fast!!!

  19. Awwww - a sweet happy birthday to her and the rest of your kiddos!

  20. Happy Birthday sweet Griffin!!! This post made me cry!!

  21. Happy birthday sweet Griffin! I love seeing all your sweet pictures! what a sweet post!

  22. Oh, gosh! Happy Birthday, Griffin! It has been such a blessing to watch you experience a DAUGHTER after two precious boys. It is such a beautiful experience!! Thanks for sharing her 1st birthday pics with me! She is a baby doll--Presley and I love her so much!!

  23. What a sweet letter. How wonderful she will be able to read this someday. You for sure have a gift. What a sweet mommy you are and a blessed family you have.

  24. The pregnant girl tears came after "diploma" so cute and sweet!! Happy birthday cute little Miss Griffin! Makes me super excited to meet my little girl soon :)

  25. Happy birthday, Griffin! Andrea, you have such a gift of writing, and are a wonderful mother. Congratulations!


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