Friday, April 25, 2014

Five on Friday

Linking up with Darci at The Good Life Blog for Five on Friday again this week!

1) Check Ups For Everyone!!!
Monday was nuts, y'all.  Nuts I tell you.  I thought the two little ones had a check-up at nine.... BUT Dave called me at work at 8:40 to tell me that he called the pediatrician and that the appointment was actually nine.  I can't find the original appointment card, but am TOTALLY standing by the fact that they were somehow wrong because I WROTE IT IN MY PLANNER!  Anyway, Dave managed to get them both dressed and ready and then called me again in a panic because Griffin's carseat (she's still in a car carrier) was clipped into the base in my van... which was with me at school. Long story short... I pretty much just walked out of my class and RUSHED home to get them.  We made it there by 9:10 which was a total miracle :)

Griffin had to have blood drawn from her toe...

And after her exam she hung out and checked herself out in the mirror...

She had a couple of shots and pretty much garnered as much sympathy as humanly possible.  She would stop crying, then look at herself in the mirror and wail a bit more.  As we walked by the nurses station she made sure to give them a good pout and then she was fine.  Mason is a blur in the background, which is pretty much him most of the time.

I don't remember their exact stats, but G was in the 60th percentile for weight, 46th for length and 92nd for head circumference :)

Mason was in the 30th percentile for weight and 15th percentile for height.  Still my bitty baby.

Luke had an appointment later in the day as well and I was totally flustered because I had just received a phone call from a guy claiming to be a Warrants Officer and he had informed me that there was a warrant out for my arrest for failing to show up for a grand jury.  It turns out it was a scam... BUT in the moment I was completely stressed out and I left Luke's paper with his stats on the counter in the exam room.  I do remember that he was exactly where he always is... 50th percentile for height and weight.

2) Fancy Pants Giveaway
Don't forget that my Fancy Pants Giveaway is going on on Instagram!!!  Repost the pic below and tag #fancypantsgiveaway to be entered to win a pair of Fancy Pants from Hippie Chick Boutique for yourself!
Read about my love of Fancy Pants HERE.

3) More Outfits From The Week
I've blogged a bunch about my favorite drapey black maxi dress from GAP... well..... I got it in navy and white stripes TOO!  WOO HOO!!! So so so comfy and cute.  I paired it with my favorite denim jacket and a pretty floral patchwork scarf.  The dresses are normally $69, but the black is marked down to $48 and the striped to $37 and they're an additional 30% off with the code SPRING !

Wednesday I sported a colorful pair of TOMS wedges, scarf by Just Dawnelle on Etsy, cords and a cardi.

Yesterday was a NEON shift dress from GAP with a super funky bracelet...

And my white denim jacket in the morning :)
My knees look weird... but I wore it with my black cowboy boots :)

4) Mason's Crazy Art
When we picked Mason up from Sunday School on Easter he was super pumped to show us the picture he had colored.  I asked him about it and he goes, "It's Haha!  In his cave!"  I asked him if maybe it was Jesus after he rose from the dead and he confirmed that "No... it's actually my Haha" :)

He also brought home this lovely picture from Miss Lisa's house this week and told me that it was a Pterodactyl Pig for Easter!  Not a chick, not a bird.... a pterodactyl pig.  Awesome.

5) Curly Q :)
I posted THIS pic of G on Instagram the other night and y'alls responses cracked me up.  This was fresh out of the tub pre-brush :)  It curls up, I comb it down, and then it dries straight.  She looks totally different with the curls!!!

Thank you for all the awesome feedback and affirmation on yesterday's post about Luke starting Kindergarten a year "late".  I did not expect the overwhelming response I received and I so appreciate each and every comment.  Thanks, sweet friends!!!

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This isn't the bag you'll receive... but this is me with another one of their hobo bags to give you an idea of size.

If you're looking for ideas... I posted about some of my favorite pieces HERE.

This coming Monday Erika and I are going to share our Favorite Things for this month! Get your posts ready, ladies! It's going to be a fun link-up party!!!

And just because I love her little smile.... G and I yesterday afternoon :)

Happy Friday, everyone!!!


  1. My dad gets those arrest scam calls alllll the time....ridiculous! Just wondering about the sizing of the gap maxi...I'm usually between XS and S not sure which to order! Happy Friday from a fellow teacher!! :)

  2. First of all, who knew Griffin had curls?!?! Not me! Loved that picture! And your colored Toms...they are just so cute! That entire outfit was totally speaking to me! Happy Friday!

  3. What a fun recap!!! G's hair CRACKS me up!!! She could totally pull off curly's just so different! Adorable as always!!

  4. These outfits are gorgeous--I think that neon shift dress is amazing!!
    Pterodactyl pig...haha. Smart boy to come up with that! :)

  5. What a fun recap!! Love those colored toms & I love that neon shift dress! I need to go shopping!! Happy Friday!! This week has been CRAZY at school-ACT TESTING! And I never thought Friday would get here! I'm happy for the weekend!

  6. Haha! My hair does that too! It is curly when wet and tries board straight.

  7. I absolutely LOVE that neon dress!!

  8. Are Those The Burgandy Toms???? Love Them!!


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