Monday, February 17, 2014

I looooooooooove love!

First of all - congrats to Brittany King for winning the Griffin and Grace giveaway!!!  Hope you find something fabulous!!!

Valentines Day is quickly becoming one of my very favorite holidays.  We started off Valentine's day week by continuing to sport lots of hearts and pink...

And I got some sweet flowers from Dave and the kiddos :)
Last Sunday night we got "love bombed" by some sweet friends who live close by and my kids thought it was AWESOME!!!

Wednesday we decided to return the favor by dropping off some special treats at a few peoples homes.  (Next year I'll plan this out better so we can make a bigger route - it was so much fun!!!)

Luke absolutely loved doing this.  We'd pull up and I'd open the van door. He'd hop out...
... run do the door, ring the doorbell and then RUN!

Every time he'd run back to the car he had a HUGE smile on his face as he hopped back in the car and I "sped away" at about 4 miles an hour :)

He's already asking when we're going to go leave treats for our friends again!

Thursday night our doorbell rang, and I "may" have sweet a sweet set of little legs making a bee-line back to a waiting SUV :)  My kiddos loved their little surprises!

Friday morning was super hectic, but I snapped a few quick pics of my kiddos Valentines for their friends.  
I LOVE how Luke's turned out.  The lego shaped candy was PERFECTION!

Griffin gave out apple sauce...

And Mason had Monster Cookies...

We got packed up and I loaded the boys in the van.  Luke had the Q-U wedding that morning and Mason was coming to watch so he rode with us while Dave got Griffin ready...

Mr. Ron loved him some Mason. One more school year and I'll have BOTH these boys with me every morning!

We got to school and Mason ATE UP being the center of attention while we waited for the wedding...

The boys dressed like quarterbacks and the girls dressed like queens.  They had to make a poster with QU words and then Q and U got married (think "do you Q take U... to never let another letter come between you", etc.)...

It wouldn't be a wedding without a reception!!!  The kids and parents and siblings were ready to CHOW DOWN on some serious sugar :)

When did my baby turn into a little boy??? WHEN!?!?!

God bless Mrs. Clow and Mrs. Steenburg :)

After the wedding I spent a HORRIBLE morning at the Texas DPS... three hours and no license renewal later I was at home with Luke.  

Saturday morning I was more than ready for a little sweetness and that is most definitely what I got when I took Griffin to Maggie's Ballerina third birthday party :)

Griffin and Maggie's big sister - Molly :)

A couple of "real" ballerinas came to teach the girls a dance :)

G and I love us some sweet Presley Dreffs :)

And Griffin came home with the cutest favor/craft EVER! LOVING this little tutu handprint canvas!

The rest of the weekend was all about my birthday (hahaha) so I'm going to save that for Wednesdays post!

I also wanted to share with you a few pics of Valentines that people printed off and used!  I was super excited to get to see these! LOVE!!

 Tomorrow Erika and I are sharing our Favorite Things from the month!  Get your posts ready to link up!!!


  1. Goodness! I don't even know where to start commenting! So many things I love! I'm not going to lie though...your kids' Valentine's make me kind of irritated...I'm not sure I can be friends with someone so creative. The Lego one, the apple one and the monster one...I mean...really? So creative!

  2. What a sweet day, we love it our way too!!!

  3. I love all the "love bombing" you & your friends did!
    The QU wedding at school is precious!

  4. Oh my goodness!! I'm sooo excited!! Thank you so much!! :-)))

  5. LOVED all those Q-U wedding pictures!! But I must ask...why is Luke wearing a Titans jersey?? Are you guys Titans fans?

  6. As a native Tennessean, I must say that I loved seeing the Titans gear in Cowboy country! A friend works for the Titans, although my son is a Broncos fan because he is a massive Peyton Manning fan. :) Happy Birthday!

  7. I love it!! Those Valentine's are just the best, and the QU wedding is so fun! So glad you had such a fun weekend!! :)

  8. I'm just going to admit it now...I'm totally stealing some of your V-day ideas next year! :-)


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