Friday, February 28, 2014

Five on Friday

Hey, everyone! Linking up again with Darci at The Good Life Blog for Five on Friday.

If you've seen Office Space then you're probably familiar with this scene...
... this is TOTALLY how I felt Wednesday night.  What I would have given to be to take my computer out back with a baseball bat :)

I hate that something I'm crazy dependent on my computer... both at home and at work.  Nothing puts a kink in my workday day like realizing that my SmartBoard won't power up and all my lesson plans are on SmartNotebook or having the school network go down so I'm unable to print, pull up files, etc.  Typically my technology at home has been pretty reliable... until Wednesday night when my PC was literally smoking and then wouldn't power up.   It's 12:30 a.m. and I am up and running again thanks to my awesome brother and Dad . I still have to get the data off of my old hard drive... but I have a BRAND NEW computer.  WOO HOO!!!

2) "Brinner"
We have been ALL about "Brinner" (breakfast for dinner) around here lately.  So much so that I made a special trip to the grocery store after work WITH ALL THREE KIDDOS just to pick up groceries for that night.

Pancakes and Mix and Match Mama's sausage balls.  My boys both requested sausage balls at every meal for the next three days.  I'm planning on making a quadruple batch this weekend and freezing them to pull out for quick and easy breakfasts on the go in the morning.  YUM!!!

3) Up and Down
The weather around here has been NUTS!  75 one day, 25 (seriously!) the next.  As excited as I am about Spring, I'm still savoring these last few "Winter" days since I know it'll be 150 degrees here in Texas before I know it and I'll be dreaming of wearing coats and scarves again :) 

We've been lighting a fire every night as well :)

4) I Never Learn
I have a "pass code" on my phone, but apparently even if it's locked you can still take pictures. I really need to learn to put my phone in my desk drawer when I leave to go to the restroom...

5) Colorful Fun
The boys and I had so much fun sorting a GIANT bag of M&Ms to make the "rainbow" I showed y'all yesterday in my St. Patricks Day Decor Post.  I showed them how I wanted it and they took care of it for me!  Teamwork and sorting! Double win :)

Speaking of color... Mason LOVES having tub colors in his bath and rather than just tossing them in, I've been throwing one color in one end and another color in the other end.  We watch the tabs dissolve and then he gets to "mix" them and we talk about making colors from other colors.  Fun!!!

This weekend I'm looking forward to spending lots of time outside with the boys.  They'll be playing and I'll be raking leaves :)  Hopefully I'll have a new computer and will be back to working on Slightly Askew projects as well.  Happy Weekend, everyone!

Also... if you're in the market for baby girl clothes I posted LOTS over on my What Griffin Wore blog...

And because it wouldn't be a post without a pic of the sweet baby...


  1. I'm glad you have a new computer, and I hope all your files can be easily transferred from the hard drive!
    All those middle-school-boy-selfies are something else!
    Cute photo of Mason and the pile of M&Ms!

  2. I laughed and laughed and laughed at your students taking pictures with your phone! That is so funny! And I'm going to get a big bag of M&Ms so that my kids can bond over sorting too. Brilliant idea!

  3. SUCH A FUN POST!!!! Loved all of the kid pictures. Okay. I have to know. What are the scissors doing on the pancake plate? I'm guessing you cut them into darling shapes or something like that?!? Seriously! Tell me about the scissors!!!!!! :)

  4. Griffin's blog makes me want to have a little girl ASAP!!!

  5. I seriously need a baby girl just to buy some of those clothes! I love how you dress Griffin!
    Those selfies from your students are too funny!
    75 would be glorious! Heck 25 would even be nice! I am looking at single digits today and this weekend possibly :( Let's trade!
    Have a great weekend Andrea!

  6. Oh my, that picture of Mason from the grocery store!! Adorable!! Your kids are just so adorable, you are so blessed! Totally want to make those sausage balls! Happy Weekend!

  7. I know what you mean about wanting to beat computers....there is nothing that makes my blood boil faster than when our computer acts up!! Those pictures your students took are hysterical!! :-)

  8. So funny cause I want to know what those scissors are for on the pancake plate too!!! I'm with Sheaffer in that you probably cut the pancakes into cute little shapes for the kiddos cause you are just all crafty and fun like that!!!
    And those clothes on Griffin's blog....I die! Too bad she wasn't older than my girl cause I would have snatched them all up!!!


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