Friday, February 7, 2014

Five on Friday

Five on Friday time again!!!  Linking up with Darci at The Good Life Blog and sharing a few things from this week.  Not gonna lie... I had big plans for this to be "Valentines themed" and I was going to share 5 printable Valentines.  Then Luke got sick and my whole week turned into rubbing his back, making him drink Gatorade and feeding him dry Cheerios. So rather than a cutesy, themed post today will be brought to you by the letter "random" :)

1) Namesake
On Monday night we went to dinner with Dave's parents, brother and Grandmas.  I posted this pic on Instagram of Griffin with Dave's Grandma Minnie Fae Griffin...

... and several people commented asking if that's where we got Griffin's name.  I'm not sure if I've shared this before, but Luke's middle name is Luke Buchanan (my maiden name), Mason is Mason West (a shortened version of my Mom's maiden name, Westervelt) and so when we found out about Miss G we knew we wanted her to have a family name as well.  Griffin is Dave's mom's maiden name and so that's where we got her name!

Since I'm talking about dinner on Monday night, of course I have to  show you what Griffin wore :) 

This was the night that Luke got sick so I ended up leaving dinner and taking him to my mom's house - which left Mason with that much more of everyone's attention.

Here he is placing a call on a "phone" that he found in my purse.   

After we picked Luke up from my parents house on Monday night he took a turn for the worse.  He threw up red popsicle ALL OVER our bedroom and then ended up spending the night on a palette on the floor next to our bed.

After being up ALL night throwing up (seriously - like 9 times!) here he is in the morning sporting an old t-shirt and trying to keep ice chips down...

After a trip to the pediatrician, a diagnosis of strep throat and a dose of Zofran followed by antibiotics it was couch time for the little man.  I sat here with him pretty much all day.

Wednesday morning he still wasn't 100%, so we stayed home again, but by the afternoon he was feeling better and so we did some errands including a trip to Target (which is never complete without a trip down the Lego aisle!)

Thursday Luke went back to school, but by 11:45 he was feeling icky so he came and laid on the couch in my classroom.  He was out in about 5 minutes, and he slept through an entire Math 7 class and then an hour after that.

After Target on Wednesday we stopped and had a piece of pie at Emporium pies on the square in downtown McKinney.  If you're local you HAVE to stop in ASAP and have some.  It's AMAZING!!!

THREE - Out to eat
We went out to eat last week (just the 5 of us) and Dave and I were commenting on how much EASIER it has gotten in the last couple of months!  No baby food, no nursing covers and bottles, and relatively well-behaved kiddos :) Hallelujah!

FOUR - Cutest hiney ever

FIVE - This kid.
Wearing a blardigan...

... and blow drying his hair with a drill.

Also.... don't forget to enter my Jameson Monroe Giveaway

And last week I posted a soup recipe that has gotten some great reviews from some of my peeps on Instagram.  You should totally try it out this weekend!


I'm hoping that this weekend will include LOTS of snuggle time at home, lots of time resting and no throw up :)


  1. Love Griffin's blue dot dress!
    Mmm Olive Garden!
    Cute photo of you & Luke on a pie date.
    Hope he bounces back quickly this weekend, poor guy!

  2. PS, Yay for getting rid of the make-sure-not-a-robot step! I used to have to try at least twice, even when I thought for sure I did it right :)

  3. Poor Luke! I am glad he is slowly on the mend!! I love that y'all are getting past the harder part of having 3--it's always a little noisy at our house, but I think it only gets more and more fun as each day passes!! Precious!!

  4. i have that soup in the crockpot today for supper-- after seeing it last week! so excited to try it.

  5. Hope sweet Luke is feeling so much better today and you guys have a nice relaxing weekend! Oh and Mason in that blardigan and drying his hair with a drill...too much, just too that kid!!!

  6. Omg.. Griffin's outfit is ADORABLE, as always!!! Emporium Pies.. Here I come!

  7. Hi Andrea - found my way to your blog via Shay Shull... hope Luke gets better very quickly and things can get back to "normal" at your home.

    Have a good weekend.

    Laurie S

  8. I love G's necklace, where did you get that?

  9. Hi! So glad you stopped by! Your blog is wonderful and your family is precious!!!

  10. Oh goodness! Poor Luke! Poor, poor, poor Luke! I feel so bad for that kid! And the first picture of Griffin...that is priceless. Such a sweet picture of those two girls.

  11. Visiting from the link up. Where is Griffin's necklace from? I love it!

  12. Yes, that soup is amazing! So glad Luke is on the mend. Love seeing your precious kids. Mason cracks me up lol. Also, I was so encouraged about the griffin being easier part! Yahooooo! Love hearing that.


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