Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Birthday Weekend

This past Saturday was my 30th birthday. Dave let me sleep in (sleep in is a relative term... I was in bed until 7:30 at which time I could hear the boys standing at the bedroom door asking LOUDLY if Daddy knew if Mommy was awake yet. hahaha).  They made me toast to eat in bed and then Dave took this picture of all three of them telling me Happy Birthday :)

After breakfast Griffin and I went to Maggie's Ballerina Birthday party and then I dropped her off while I ran to the grocery store.  I got back before naptime and two of my super sweet 8th grade girls stopped by my house to wish me a Happy Birthday :)

They made me a poster, brought Nothing Bundt Cakes and brought bubbles for the kids.

Can you tell that Mason HATED all the attention :) hahaha
PS - Luke was hanging out at Gibi's house... not just being anti-social.

 I know that sometimes people "marvel" at the fact that I CHOOSE to teach Middle School... but it's seriously the best.  I have amazingly sweet and thoughtful students and although there are definitely "middle school moments", for the most part they're awesome.

The girls left and Mason and I hung out and watched a Cailou.  This would have been #perfection if it we had been watching anything else. hahaha

Dave's mom also brought by a chocolate chip pie from The Pantry restaurant on the square that afternoon... I was feeling VERY loved and VERY tempted :)

Saturday night was low key and Sunday morning the sun was out and the kids were dressed and lookin' cute for brunch at the country club with my parents...

She tore that waffle UP!

Luke had chocolate on his waffle... can you tell??? :)

My green-eyed boy...

It's so fun to go up to the club and watch Dave show off his kiddos to the members.  He's been at Stonebridge FOREVER and everyone loves seeing the kids (especially Griffin!)

This pic cracks me up... Luke laughing hysterically, Mason on the move and Griffin about to fall asleep.

After lunch we came home and all took naps.  That night we packed up a few toys and headed to the Country Club to have dinner with the Shulls (or so I thought!)

Shay recently sold her dining room table and so we had planned to eat dinner at their house on the floor.  DAve told me earlier on in the week that he had run into Andrew and suggested that we eat in the turette room upstairs at the club.  The kids could run around upstairs and we'd have a table to eat at :) We've eaten up there lots of times (Christmas small group, back to school dinner, etc.) and so I didn't think anything of it.

 We got to the club and I suspected nothing.  Promise.  Nothing.  We walked down the hall and opened the doors to the upstairs banquet room  and BAM!  All my best girl friends were there with their hubbies and kids!

Narci took pics before we got there... Dave did such a fantastic job!!!  Erika made this AWESOME banner (which I'm hanging in my classroom!)...

... and there was pizza for everyone from one of my favorite places.

Didn't Erika do a FABULOUS job?!?!?! 

Dave went through lots of photos while I was at work on Monday, backed them on paper and put them up on the wall himself!  Slightly Askew designs was very proud of him :)

He had the pastry chef make me my favorite cake - carrot!

Dave told me there was a party on Saturday night and he had to work until after midnight.  Apparently there was really no party - he was setting all this up and making heart shaped PBandJ's for the kids.

Group shot waiting for us to get there...

Can you tell I was a little bit surprised?!?!?!

This is the moment where I'm wishing I had done something with my hair after waking up from a nap with Mason and put on some makeup. hahaha

Dave worked so hard to pull off this surprise and it was PERFECT!

Me complimenting Shay on her ability to repeatedly lie to my face. hahaha

I absolutely adore each and every one of these girls.  We've discussed EVERYTHING together, laughed a lot, cried a lot, prayed a lot and eaten A LOT together and I treasure their friendships.  I know that if I ever need anything I could call up any one of them and they'd be there for me and I'd do the same for them.  It meant the world to me that they all showed up to help me celebrate!

The girls surprised me with a gift and I immediately knew exactly what it was...

It was a Sid Dickens block to add to my collection!!! And how awesome is it that the saying on the back says, "A friend dispels the cold and warms the soul".  

Erika and I posing by the banner (Erika... how on earth am I taller than you in this pic?!?!?! I'm so confused! hahaha)

Cake time was probably my favorite part.  It was so sweet to have all the kids around the table singing happy birthday.  And WHEN did we have this many kids?!?!?!  We counted and we'll have either 9 or 10 kids starting Kindergarten in the Fall!  Ladies can we go ahead and schedule a First Day lunch for us mamas???  I'll bring the tissues :)

I still can't believe that he pulled the whole thing off flawlessly!  You'd think he worked parties for a living :)

Love. Her.

These little fashionistas are less than a month apart :)

I looked at this pic and commented on how cute these girls are... DAve looked at it and immediately texted one of the housekeeping staff about windexing the Huntington windows the next morning :) hahaha

I mean... so cute!!!

Sweet, sweet Bowen had a fistful of cake :)

I'm not sure what's going on in this picture... but I kind of love it.  Karla's face... Erika's face... Mason's face... hahaha.  Perfect ending :)

It was an amazing birthday weekend and I couldn't think of a better way to kick off my thirties.  If I have to turn thirty at least I get to do it with the best family and friends around :)


  1. I am so happy that I was able to spend your birthday weekend with you!! What a fun, fun, fun time we had! And I'm soooooo glad you're finally in your's about time :).

  2. So fun!! Happy belated birthday. :) How do you all know each other? College? Where/when did you meet? I always think it is interesting how God brings people into our lives.

  3. Happy Happy Birthday, Andrea! I love coming to this little corner of the web to see what you and your family are up to. Y'all are beyond cute. Isn't it awesome how God weaves lives together? You are blessed with wonderful friends and family (and pretty cool readers, too! HA!!!)

  4. So much to say...
    1. Dave did a FABULOUS job!!
    2. I'm SO thankful for all that banner love. So glad you loved it! ;)
    3. In the last picture, I can explain Presley Dreffs was taking a I was being crazy and posing for her.
    4. Hope you had a GREAT birthday! We loved celebrating with you!! XOXO

  5. This is so fabulous!! What an awesome birthday surprise!! And I've taught middle schoolers before (I actually use to teach high school on the Dallas area!), and I agree - middle schoolers are my fave! So sweet.

  6. Dave did such a great job!!
    What a special & memorable 30th birthday for you! :)

  7. Happy Birthday, Andrea! What a fun way to ring in your 30's! And how in the world do you look that good after a nap and no makeup? :-)

  8. I never comment on your blog because I'm your mom and you know that it just feels weird to me to do that sort of thing ;-))This however, is an exception .... it moves the very depths of my soul to see how God has chosen and placed each of these girls in your life for His purpose and pleasure. To watch you all doing life with each other over the years, weaving your friendships with increasing depth and loyalty and love and commitment and for each other.... sharing and bearing each others joys and burdens, helping each other mature in faith and life and family has been such a joyful thing to witness. You are blessed indeed to have such a gift in your life. Friends fill in the 'empty spaces' in ways that no one else can.

  9. What an amazing birthday celebration! And how sweet of Dave to put it all together for you! Such a keeper ;)

    All these photos make me want to leave Ohio for Texas! What wonderful friends you all are for each other :)

  10. i know you say your hair always looks a hot mess, but you have the cutest messiest bun i know. please let me know how you do it. my messy buns NEVER turn out right. Happy Birthday!

  11. AND i wish i could hit the 'like' button on your moms comment. girlfriends are the absolute best!

  12. Your mom's comment gave me chills and she is SO right, you are truly blessed by that circle of friends you have and your Amazing husband and kiddos! What a wonderful thing Dave did for you, so very sweet! Looks like the greatest birthday weekend! I am always so happy when I come to your space here and read about your sweet life....just love it! :)

  13. Happy Birthday Andrea! It looks like you had a great time surrounded by your friends and family. And those birthday's are always the best!
    P.S. If I could "like" your mom's comment I would! It's the exact same type of sweet comment my mom would have made! You are so blessed!

  14. What a sweet weekend!! Happy birthday! :)

  15. Just love you and all of these girls!! Happy Birthday!! XOXO

  16. Happy Birthday!!! What a wonderful husband to put this all together! I am always in awe of the friendships you have with all these girls. I follow yours and Shay's blogs and it is so evident how close you are with your friends. You are truly blessed!

  17. Hi Andrea - Found your blog via Shay Shull... Happy Belated Birthday! That party looks like it was so much fun! How blessed you are to have family and friends who love and cherish you!

    Laurie S

  18. LOVE THIS! What an amazing husband you have to pull off such a great surprise!

    PS I don't know if I just missed it but I love the new blog design!!

  19. Andrea, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look of momfessionals!

    I love it because it can be interpreted as mom + confessionals... or mom + professionals ;) and I see this blog as an honest but awesome scrapbook of both!

    Love keeping up with your blog :)
    - Jen

  20. Happy Birthday! That first picture of you with your babies both speaks to and melts my heart completely! What a blessing!

  21. I am a mother from Indonesia and I just love your blog ... I am also your Instagram follower (Tanos_El) ... You are such an amazing person ... Good bless


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