Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving was just the way I like it... comfy, cozy, relaxed and delicious :)  
Since Dave is a service manager at a country club, Thanksgiving is CRAZY for him... he went in to work around 8:30 a.m. yesterday.  The kiddos and I finished breakfast and spent some time playing with Mega Blocks in front of the Christmas tree.

Luke built Griffin a house :)

We watched the parade...

And when Gibi came over we started cooking!  Luke is a great helper and Mason is a great "taster" :)

We joke that we think Mason will end up being a chef one day because he is sooooooo into "cookin".  He loves to wear an apron and pretend cook, calling himself Chef Mason.

After we got the turkey in and started Griffin was up from her nap and we spent some time playing.  She hasn't pulled up on anything yet, but I don't think it's too far off...


Mason ran around like the goofball that he is :)

Check out the hair growing over her ears!  It's coming!

And Luke wanted to show Gibi his house he built in Mine Craft (side note: I have no clue what Mine Craft is but Luke is OBSESSED! OBSESSED, PEOPLE!)

This cracks me up because Mason is NOT typically my snuggler, but he ALWAYS wants to snuggle with Luke :)

Mason was the "laundry basket monster" :)

The littles took naps from about 1:30 - 4:00, and while they were napping Luke and I took a short nap and then Luke made place mats for everyone.

I randomly had orange cardstock scrapbook paper in my craft closet along with Thanksgiving stickers, so I gave him a list of names and he went to town.  
After they were done he set the table for me (the plates aren't on the placemats because then you wouldn't be able to see them!) :)

Luke put a "I'm thankful for _________ because...." message on the back of everyone's place mat.

After crafting and getting the table set, Griffin was up and ready to put on her turkey outfit!

I'm thankful for ruffle pants :)

She lays like this ALL. THE. TIME.

 Dave got home and my parents came over and the boys were all supposed to be hanging out in the family room while Mom and I finished cooking.  Mason REALLY wanted to be in the kitchen with us :)

Reading Luke's "thankful for you" notes. 
Also - yes... there's a rubber snake hanging from my chandelier.  #boymom

The food was DELISH and Miss Griffin enjoyed it thoroughly.  She ate EVERYTHING and mmmmm-ed the whole time :)

INTENSE about her food :)

I am beyond thankful for my sweet family, healthy kids, salvation through Jesus Christ, our home, my job, etc., etc., etc. and yesterday was a PERFECT way to celebrate those blessings. 


  1. I love the cute, homemade placemats,
    Griffin's turkey outfit,
    and the photo of your family around the table :)

  2. The homemade, placemats were such a smart idea to keep little hands busy.

  3. Minecraft is like legos on the computer.My 11yo son is wayyyyy into it.


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