Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Crazy weekend, crazy cute and crazy pants!

Hey, peeps! Before I get into my crazy weekend, I wanted to show you my "Crazy Pants" from Hippie Chick :)  My style is "unique" and these pants called my name the minute I saw them.  I like "boho" with a twist and knew I had to have them.  Excuse my ridiculous pictures... I made Dave take them of me after church last weekend and I was trying to keep an eye on the boys (Luke was "probably" peeing in the front yard and Mason was "probably" trying to touch the pee.  #momlife #glamorous) and I was convinced that the neighbors across the street were watching the whole scent and talking about how insane I was.  hahaha

The pants were kind of "spring", so I paired them with a neon pinkish sweater from GAP with a forever 21 navy scarf (side note... I met a few girls at the mall on a Friday night and have NEVER felt as old as I did in the checkout line in Forever 21... with my three kids.  I wanted to tell the cute little high school girls in front of me to take a good look at my motley crew, put their promise rings back on and recommit to their "True Love Waits" commitments) hahaha

I promise that the sweater really did match... it just looks weird and washed out in the pics.  Which doesn't matter since you're focusing on the cute pants...

The day I wore these pants to church I was teaching 3-year old Sunday School with Shay and the SWEETEST little girl EVER came up to me in the play room and goes, "Miss Andra... Why you wearing your jammies to church".  LOVE HER!!! :)  Pajamas or not, I'm obsessed with these pants.
Hippie Chick did it again for me with something totally unique, versatile and work-appropriate.  LOVE!!!

I kind of count Friday as part of the weekend and I was THANKFUL on Friday for our morning stops at Starbucks and for our sweet friends, Miss Sharon and Mr. Ron, who ALWAYS are sweet to my Luke and leave him with a word of encouragement before school.

Friday night I spent a sweet forever packing away Halloween, hauling the boxes up to the attic, cleaning and putting Thanksgiving up.  It was exhausting, but so worth it!

Saturday morning Griffin and I headed out to do errands while the boys were doing their own thing.

First stop... Hobby Lobby.  

While Griffin and I shopped, the boys built boats at the Home Depot Kids workshop (and yes, Luke is wearing his head lamp from Haha).

I thought Griffin looked so crazy cute, that when we got home I made Dave snap some pics of her...

I mean... SHUT UP!  I almost can't stand it.

Saturday afternoon I went in to check on Mason (who was supposed to be sleeping) and found him playing with the headlamp.  After I snapped the pic I couldn't stop laughing because it looked like he was holding some magical "power" or ball of fire or something. :)

My mom was in Canada for about 10 days and my dad was playing in a golf tournament, so Scooter came and spent Saturday with the kiddos and I.  He was obviously uncomfortable.  hahaha

After naps on Saturday I packed the kids up and we headed to the "big circle" at MCA to ride bikes.

I don't think either boy rode a bike, and Griffin wouldn't look at me because she was WAAAAY too busy watching her big brothers. 

#momlife :)

Running down the hill:

Obsessed with this totally crazy kid :)

The boys ran Scooter Pooter HARD!

Look! A cute photo op!

Me: "Hey, Mason! Come take a picture with us!"
Mason: "I can't"
Me: Have fun on the ground then, friend

Me: "Hey, Mason! It's time to go! Let's go get some tots and a corn dog from Sonic"
Mason: "I can't"
(see a common theme, here???)

Scooter was LOVING our Sonic run :)

Sunday we ran into Lisa and Emry before Sunday School. Cute minds think alike :)

Dave took this picture of me and the kids walking into church.  I'm asking Santa for another set of arms for Christmas. 

Mason REALLY wanted to wear his fireman hat into church. 

 I'm not a couponer by any stretch of the imagination (it kind of stresses me out and I get overwhelmed and buy a bunch of stuff that we don't need), but when I found out about some AWESOME Fisher Price coupons I couldn't resist.  I had to fight the "authority" at WalMart a bit, but ended up with about $180 worth of toys for less than $60.  SANTA SCORE!!!

Brace yourself for seeing this turkey outfit A LOT this month :)

And the weekend ended with this crazy kid making a cornucopia hat.  Of course. 

Go enter the Hippie Chick giveaway and check back in tomorrow for ANOTHER featured HC outfit! :)


  1. There was too much for me to comment on! I think you should re-title this post: "The post where Luke looks like he's 12, Mason looks like he needs a big kiss from Shay and Griffin just looks flippin' adorable!" You totally should rename it that!

  2. I like the photos from the bike ride with Scooter!
    Mason on the ground...oh my goodness...silly boy.
    What a great deal on all of those toys!

  3. I just started reading your blog - you amaze me with your energy with your family, full time job, etc! You are an amazing woman!!

  4. Andrea, I have been reading your blog for a few weeks. I can't even remember how I found it . . . but I have a six year old boy, three year old boy and just turned a year little girl. I have a lot in common with you, but today I had to comment on Mason's "I can't" comments. My Ethan (middle boy) is constantly telling us he can't do things. Just last night he said that when he cleans up (the room he messed up) it makes his tummy hurt, so he just "can't." Those middles sure know how to stretch us:) If you have a second check out my blog, and I have a feeling you will feel like you have a parallel universe going on here in Florida:)

  5. DYING at Griffin in her polka dot pants and striped cardigan! DYING! YES, CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!!! And Mason lying down is totally hilarious. Loved this post!


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