Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I don't like to share my Fall pictures until after my Christmas cards go out.... but this one didn't make the cut for the card and I couldn't want to share :)

I mean seriously... right?!?!?!  Luke's silly laugh and Mason's adoring look at him?!?!?! I die.
I have a feeling that this will be one of those pictures that I really treasure forever.  I hope that they both have it in a frame in their homes when they're grown-ups.  If they don't do it on their own I'll bring one over.  Promise.

A close second for me was this one.  Because "Monkey see. Monkey do."

I love that these boys are FINALLY starting to really be "brothers".  They play a lot and fight a lot.  They can't get enough of each other and two seconds later can't stand each other.  They ask for each other first thing in the morning and often times we find them asleep in the same bed.  They drive each other nuts and then hold hands while watching a movie.

In honor of this sweet brother moment captured, here's a cute 5x7 printable for all of you with brothers.  Simply click on the photo (so that it enlarges) and then right click and save it to your desktop.  Upload it to wherever you get photos printed or just print it off at home. 

I originally made it for the boys superhero birthday party, but now it's in a frame in their room.

And speaking of their room and great "brother pictures"... check out the one I have above their dresser in their room...

  Mason was about to turn 1 and Luke was about to turn 4.  LOVE this pic :)


  1. Those boys are just so sweet! Such precious pics of your two big guys :).

  2. Love the pictures so precious. Who is your photographer?

  3. so sweet! I love the second one.
    The pics of all 5 of you must be gorgeous!

  4. What a cute print off! I will be printing off 2 of these :). Also, what is the bible verse you have on the wall in one of the boys rooms? Thanks XO

  5. Those are the sweetest how they adore eachother! You are truly blessed with these sweet boys and Griffin too!!!

  6. Such sweet brothers! You are one blessed mom :)


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