Wednesday, October 23, 2013

You might be a mom if...

Sometimes I feel like I graduated High School last year, or I wake up in the morning from a dream about taking an exam in college... some days I just don't "FEEL" like I'm a 29 year old mother of three kids five and under :)  Does that make sense???  

Anyway, I am typically snapped back to reality fairly quick as I go to put my foot into a boot and encounter a handful of Legos or I walk out of Target and realize, "Hey! That's MY minivan"... and why is the sliding door open?!?!?! hahaha

Yesterday was one of those "I am soooooooooooo a mom" moments when I went to get something out of my "purse" (I use that term lightly now because what I carry around is more like a mobile kids room) and realized just how much "mom stuff" I had in there.  I was laughing so hard at myself that I decided to show y'all as well (so feel free to laugh with/at me!) :)

First of all... I have lots of cute purses/bags/totes... but since Griffin was born I've pretty much stuck to my two Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags.  They're backpacks, which I always said I'd NEVER wear, but as my blog title suggests, when I found out I was pregnant with a third and I knew I was going to need all the extra hands I could get I bought two backpack bags and I am SO glad I did.  And both of my Petunia Pickle Botom bags have the option to tuck the backpack straps in so I can carry it like a normal tote (or a cross body) if I want to as well. 

Here's my bag sitting on my desk at school yesterday... you can already see some of the randomness and it's not even unpacked yet! 

In one of the side pockets alone I found...

... a paci, half a pack of starbursts, a hot wheels fire truck and Kid to Kid coupons :)

I dumped out the main compartment and couldn't stop giggling at the ridiculousness that has accumulated in there this week...

Doesn't every mom/Math Teacher carry around a calculator AND hot pink goggles????  There was also a pair of Anthropologie sunglasses and my favorite Mary Kay lip stuff.

Griffin and I each have our own little monogrammed zipper pouch... mine houses lip gloss, a comb, advil, that kind of thing and hers has a clean onesie (and matching bow... duh!) and a bib.  The pouch on the bottom right has pens, a pair of scissors and a little notebook of paper.

A couple of granola bars, a Leapster and hair clippies are apparently a must have...

... along with a pack of gum and a duct tape "wallet" that my niece made.

Mason is CONSTANTLY ripping off his shoes and wanting to go barefoot, so at some point I shoved a pair of his shoes in my bag along with hand sanitizer and an umbrella...

Puffs, a Matilda Jane catalog and one of Mason's pacis are must haves (Mason is SUPPOSED to only have pacis in his bed... but having an emergency one on hand is essential for long trips to Target or waits at the Doctor's office:

I had one of Griffin's HoHo's stuffed in there from dinner the night before...

... as well as a random body splash.

This is one of my all-time favorite purchases... it's a Petunia Pickle Bottom "market tote" that's this cute little zipper pouch that unzips to give you a HUGE tote!

Perfect for when I end up carrying more than I anticipated (like ALWAYS apparently) :)

I totally forgot that I had this cute little mirror in there (which would have been helpful the other morning when I realized that I left the house (with so much extra time!!!) to get to school and realize all that extra time was because I totally forgot to put on makeup :)

Here's the crazy part (well.... let's be real... there were lots of crazy party) is that I didn't even show you the bottom zipper compartment which houses diapers, wipes, a changing pad and diaper cream. 

I know that at some point I'll look in my purse and there won't be snacks, toys and kids clothes and I'll be sad so I'm relishing in the fact that carrying around all this stuff is evidence that I AM a mommy to three littles and I will gladly cart around their junk for as long as they need :)

Have you had a "You might be a mom if..." moment recently??? Leave me a comment and tell me about it!


  1. Andrea! I seriously expected you to pull a fourth kid out of there! Girlfriend! No wonder you don't have to go to the just carry around that tote!

  2. I can't believe you fit all of that in there--you're like Mary Poppins :)
    Funny that there were shoes and goggles in it.
    I love your zippered pouches, and I definitely like the idea of having backpack straps on a cute diaper bag!

  3. Love this post! May I ask where you purchased the monogrammed zipper pouches? So cute!

  4. where did you get the pouches they are too cute?

  5. Hi! just recently stumbled across your blog through Pinterest told me to and Mix and Match Family. i have enjoyed reading your day to day activities- and really enjoyed reading about being a "yes mom". i have a soon to be 4 yr old girl and next month will be 1 yr old boy. i myself have said that i should do more of that but then find myself saying "no" to trivial things. it was definitely a good reminer :) so onto today's post.. it's not uncommon to find more of their things than mine :)today i have extra princess undies, a baby spoon, half eaten, wrapped back up sucker, toys, a hair bow and more :) thanks for showing us that bloggy moms are human too! :) happy wednesday

  6. I was laughing so hard during this post! Soooooo funny and soooooooo true! Thank heavens you have such DARLING bags! :)

  7. Ha ha ha!! My FAVORITE thing in your bag was hands-down the hot pink goggles!!! LOVED it!

  8. Love the diaper bag! I have been in search of a good diaper bag. Would you mind sharing the name of it please? I only see the boxy backpack ones.

  9. Wow! I don't know if I'm more impressed with you or the tote? That is insane! My "you might be a mom if" story has to do with walking out in public with snot marks on my shoulder {and not realizing it until you get back home and look in the mirror}! :-) Please tell me I'm not the only one!

  10. I love your blog. Where did you get your pink and brown diaper bag? I love it!!

  11. Seriously LOVED this post! --so relatable & such a good laugh <3

  12. Seriously loved this post! --so relatable & such a good laugh! <3


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