Sunday, October 20, 2013

Our Week Via IG

I say this every week, but I seriously can't believe it's time to do this post AGAIN!  Time is flying by right now and I have a feeling that with holidays coming up it won't be slowing down any time soon.
Monday got the week off to a rainy start.  It literally poured ALL. DAY. LONG.  I didn't let the gloomy weather dictate a gloomy outfit, though :)

When Luke and I got home from school Griffin got in some brother time...

... and during dinner Mason gave himself a makeover using ketchup in his hair.

Griffin snuggled in with Dave in the Ergo :)

Monday night Uncle Steamin (AKA Uncle Stephen) stopped by before bedtime.

 What's better than one scarf on another rainy day??? Two! :)

I saw this on Facebook and thought it was too good not to share.  I LOVE Thanksgiving, love celebrating it by the light of my Christmas tree :)

Griffin loves checking herself out in my closet mirror.  She also loves grabbing my necklaces and earrings... I have a feeling this will be going on for a long while :)

Tuesday night Mason and I made a quick run to the grocery store.  This kid was LOVING having my undivided attention :)

I whipped up some mini pumpkin cream pies when we got home...

... and while I baked Griffin chowed down :)

Luke picked silly hats for all of us to wear during dinner.  So funny!

Wednesday was Mason's half birthday (he's 2 and a half) and I was feeling super sentimental.  I mean seriously... look at my little 6 lb cutie!   He came out completely quiet (so scary!), but once they got him screaming he hasn't ever stopped :)

Wednesday afternoon I volunteered in Luke's art class...

... and when we got home the boys Christmas sheets arrived!!!  Pretty sure these will be going on their beds November 1st :)

Wednesday afternoon I had an appointment with our pediatrician for all three of our kiddos to get flu shots and I was laughing at how happy Griffin was before the appointment thinking "she has no clue what's coming", but the joke was on me when they told me that she couldn't have the shot because she wasn't six months old (even though her half birthday was in less than 18 hours - hahaha). 

The boys LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the aquarium at the pediatricians office.

After dinner we went on a walk to enjoy the awesome weather we've been having and Mason and I were twinkies!!!

 Thursday Griffin turned 6 months old and again, the sentimentality got to me.  I mean... when did my baby get this big?!?!?!

 I got myself together and Luke and I hit up Starbucks on our way to school where he wanted to pose with the pumpkins (that's my boy!)

When we got to school two of my favorite cops were working middle school carpool duty.  LOVE my crazy coworkers :)

Mid-morning Dave always sends me pics of the "littles" dressed and ready for Miss Lisa and Thursday's picture was exceptionally cute :)

When we got home from school, Luke made it clear that he wanted to play all by himself.  Despite the rudeness of the sign I can appreciate that he spelled everything on his own (even if it's all written backwards) and that his picture of Mason is smiley :)

After dinner we went on a walk again and this time got to see a fire truck!!!  The boys were beyond excited. 

 Friday morning was another Starbucks run and this time we ran into one of my super sweet eighth graders.

 This week was a whirlwind because it was the end of the quarter, and as evidenced by the mess and giant stack of papers on my desk I was ready for the weekend .  (PS all those papers are graded... the joys of being a math teacher!)

Friday night I pulled together clothes for our Christmas pictures and made sure everything was clean and not too wrinkly.  hahaha

Griffin Joy was all smiles in her neon headband...

...and Haha stopped by in time to read a bedtime story.  This picture cracks me up because Griffin is totally smitten with Mason but he did NOT want her to touch him :)

Saturday morning started off bright and early as we headed to our family photo shoot at EIGHT AM!!!  It was early, but we're up anyway and I totally trust my photographer when she tells me that the light will be perfect at 8.  When we got out of the car the thermostat was reading 38 degrees, but we told ourselves it was festive :)

While Kelly took some individual pictures of Luke Dave snapped a couple of me and the littles.  I can't wait to see how they all turned out! I actually had a whole purple, brown and orange thing picked out, but kind of last minute changed the color scheme to mustard, brown and black.  I think I'm going to love it!

 We got home from pictures and the boys requested hot chocolate with their donuts.  Mason had fun cooling his off...

We changed into comfy clothes...

... and Uncle Mark and Haha came over to take Luke to an FC Dallas soccer game.

The fun continued Saturday night with our Sunday School class's annual Harvest party.  Luke DID Have on a horse costume, but by the time I took this picture it was long gone :)

Griffin loves her some Miss Narci!!!

When we got home from the party Mason did NOT want to take off his puppy costume and so I let him sleep in it (with different pants - hahaha).  Sunday morning I woke up to a puppy licking my face in my bed at 5:30 a.m. :)  I did manage to get him out of it before church, but I really thought we might be walking into FBC McKinney with a puppy.

Griffin looked super cute in some Matilda Jane this morning...
... and I got to wear some super fun pants from Hippie Chick!

Dave's work schedule has been super hectic this week and he had two weddings today, but thankfully Gibi rode to church and back with me and was able to help me get everyone into church, checked into their Sunday school classes and then checked out and in the van.  #mymomisawesome

When we got home Griffin CHOWED down on some avocado mixed with squash and sweet potatoes.  Homegirl can EAT!

 After lunch and an 8 oz bottle it was nap time!

Daddy came home from work Sunday night with some silly "disguises" that we played with :)

And then while the boys went on a walk Griffin, Gibi and I headed to Sprouts to pick up a few things. My sister-in-law's mom made me this AMAZING shopping cart cover and I am LOVING it!  This was Griffin's first time to sit in the cart like this and I think she was pretty proud of herself :)

Luke brought home some of these face mask things from the soccer game and Mason thinks they're HILARIOUS! :)

Lastly, I whipped up a giant batch of pancakes tonight to freeze and use as quick breakfasts for the boys.
Phew!  It's been another busy week!  If you don't already, follow me on Instagram HERE!


  1. I was sooooooo relieved to see that you got your Christmas sheets in. So relieved!

  2. Where is your rug from in the picture with the soccer mask? I love it!

  3. Such cute photos this week!
    I love the clothes colors you chose for the Christmas photos!!


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