Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween Party

We're getting close to Halloween! LOVE IT!!! 
Two years ago I hosted a super fun Halloween party for the girls in my Bible Study and their husbands.  
I thought I'd share some links to my posts about it today in case you are looking for any party ideas for upcoming festivities!

Read about how I decorated HERE.

Read about the food I made HERE.

Read about the other details HERE and HERE


  1. what a great party!!
    I love the mason jars hanging from the trees, the "BOO" letters, "vampire teeth", meringue bones and all of the other themed sweets! your costumes were fun as well--your hot dog/hamburger family & the Flintstones were my favorites!

  2. Nobody does Halloween better than you. NOBODY. Love you friend!

  3. I’m browsing all over the net to find the best tricks and tips for a perfect Halloween party. From decors to games and most especially Halloween Recipes! . I hope it’s fine with you that I could pin some photos from here on my Pinterest board. My followers would be happy to see these interesting photos. Keep sharing! :D

  4. What fun ideas! I have always wanted to make a dip and have the pumpkin look as though he’s vomiting it. I think that would be perfect for a Halloween themed party!! pumpkin carving contest ideas baby


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