Monday, October 7, 2013

Double Dose of IG and a GIVEAWAY!!!

Before I can talk about anything else I HAVE to tell y'all about Sweet T Baby Boutique.  Tessa contacted me a while back and I got to design her cute logo, business cards, etsy cover, etc. and as a thank you she sent me some SUPER fun headbands for Miss Griffin.  Tessa's headbands are unique,E well made and oh so cute.  Griffin LOVES all three of her Sweet T bands, but especially loves the zebra print flower :) 

Sweet T has some adorable pretties available right now for Halloween (y'all know I love me some Halloween!), so be sure to enter below for a chance to win a $15 store credit!

Also, if you don't win (or you just can't wait until Friday to find out), Tessa has graciously offered all of my readers a coupon code... use the code JOY15 at checkout for 15% off your purchase until the end of October.  :)

Now on to our weekly dose of IG pics... but today it'll actually be a double dose! I have no idea what happened last week, but I'm playing catch up a bit... so here it goes!

I got the following pic and text from Luke's teacher.  LOVE getting sweet updates throughout the day :)

Griffin was taking a dream feed every night around 11, and on this particular night I fell asleep while enjoying some snuggle time with my sweet girl.  This pic is especially sweet since in the two weeks since this pic was taken she no longer does a dream feed!

Sarah hosted our Bible Study and Griffin tagged along with me...

... my sweet friends passed her around and she got absolutely no attention whatsoever :)

We got a thank you card from Kensington (Luke's future wife) and to say he was excited is a bit of an understatement.  The card is STILL on the boys table :)

Early morning stop at the donut shop to pick up donut holes for the girls in my small group (and a sugary mess for Luke).

Sweet little cupcake!

Orange Day!!!

Popcorn night turned popcorn FIGHT when mommy steps out of the room :)

Griffin is STILL hanging out in the Ergo every night while I make inner and it's still one of my very favorite times of the day.

Playing Monster Rally (a matching game) and eating ice cream with Haha.

I had about 1700 of these on my phone after this monkey got a hold of it...

Up early and enjoying some undivided attention:

They found a rainbow!

Another Slightly Askew Designs design in the books!

The last Friday in September was our Fair Day, so we sent the littles to the babysitter (like normal) and spent the day at home.  We had lots of yardwork to catch up on and so sweet Aiden came over to play with Luke while Dave and I worked. The boys spotted a rabbit!

And Luke got stung by another wasp!  Thankfully we found the nest (inside our tire swing!) and got rid of it.

T-Rex's :)

After playing HARD outside, the dinosaurs headed inside for some lunch and trains:

Friday night and Mason "DO IT I-SELF!!!"

My heart and cart are full!

 Saturday morning we picked Gibi up bright and early and headed to the Perot Museum!

Griffin is ALL OVER THE PLACE when you put her on her tummy.  She rolls wherever she needs to go and is starting to get into trouble :) 


Doggy kisses from her big brother :)

Sunday morning was this sweet girls baby dedication! (separate post coming this week!)

... and I actually curled my hair!

Ahoy, Mateys! :)

I've had TONS of people ask about buying Griffins clothes... so I started a blog to sell them! So far it's been a big success!!!

This past Monday Luke and I started the morning off right!

And the morning continued on a great track when Dave and the little kiddos stopped by my classroom after running errands!

(Mason always brushes his hair with the eraser from my SmartBoard)

Monday night we went on a walk which ended up as a "carry"... Mason refused to wear shoes.

We started October off with Fall outfits! :)

.... and a staring contest!

Tuesday night Griffin was not excited at all about her other Halloween shirt :)

Wednesday morning Griffin and Dave walked Luke and I out to the car :)

I walked a 5K with the MCA Middle and Upper school and this was our teacher run to Sonic that afternoon.  It was most definitely one of "those days". :)

Luke told me the other day that "pretty much everyone at school" knows him :)  Even the high schoolers apparently!

 We got school pics back on Thursday and I couldn't help comparing his pic this year with the one from last year...

Thursday night the boys had a sleepover in Luke's bed:

... and Griffin decided to hold her own bottle!  When on earth did my babies get so big?!?!?!

Friday we watched Luke run his little heart out at the Jog-A-Thon...

... but before we went to school we brought Mason along on our favorite morning pit-stop.

Later that afternoon we played and played...

... despite having #headbandproblems

I organized closets while the littles napped (I was home because my babysitter had jury duty!) and realized that I "may" have a bit of a scarf problem.  A girl needs options!!!

Saturday morning was chilly and stormy - but Griffin was PUMPED to get out some Fall clothes!

Dave said she looked like a fancy Jedi :)

Her hair is coming in and it is CRAZY!

Saturday night I prepped for some baby food making...

... and made some cookies for my boys :)

We shopped in style...

... and had storytime with Haha.

Sunday morning we skipped out on church and instead had some great time as a family.  Mason is FINALLY warming up to "Grippin" :)

The rest of Sunday was super low key.  Lots of paper grading, laundry folding and Griffin and I got out of our PJs to run back to Sprouts.

Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know how your week was via IG!


  1. Love all the pics great post!! I love comparing my kids school pics- u don't realize how much they change in a year :( could u post some of the recipes for Griffin's baby food if u have time? Thanks! :)

  2. I would buy the Halloween Headband - Orange Printed Fabric Flower and the Yellow Shabby Flower. These headbands are so cute and unique! I love them!

  3. I love the "fancy Jedi" with gold boots outfit! Mason brushing his hair with the eraser is so cute :)

    with the $15 credit, I would buy my two nieces Halloween headbands, like the black & orange polka dot one :)

    my week in photos: :)

  4. Found your blog from Shay - I have a daughter the same age as yours. Love seeing what you dress sweet Griffin in, she is a gorgeous girl! Would love to win the $15 gift card to buy some fall headbands for my Madison!

  5. Words cannot describe how much I love Griffin's smile. :)

  6. Yay!! So excited about the giveaway!! Loved seeing Griffin in some Sweet T!!

  7. I love your boots (the tan ones) in the Fall outfits picture you posted. Also, I cannot get enough of your little girl's outfits and accessories...SO stinking cute!

  8. I love all of Griffin's headbands! I would love a Halloween one or one for Claire to wear for Thanksgiving! I adore seeing your weekly pics- your kids are so precious and remind me of my own crew! The pic of Mason's shoes on the wrong feet made me laugh out loud! Have a super week :)

  9. My baby girl turns one this month so she we would be super excited to use te gift card for a birthday crown or adorable headband!!

  10. You know Shea can always use another headband...Halloween one maybe?

  11. I love reading your blog and seeing pictures of your sweet babies!! Miss Griffin rocks those headbands!! I would love the $15 credit to buy some for my sweet Rylee. :)

  12. I found yor blog through reading mix and match mama's blog! I love how you dress little miss griffin! She is so cute! I would love the credit to get some new headbands for my 3 year old daughter!!

  13. I follow you on Instagram and share your love for headbands!!! I'd buy a cute one!!

  14. SO cute!!! If I won I would buy on with a big pink flower :)

  15. Such sweet pictures! I love the all the headbands, but the grey rhinestone one would be my choice!
    erinb1 @ aol dot com


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