Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another Week via Instagram

This "week" was a short one due to the Labor Day holiday... but that didn't stop me from taking a BAZILLION pics on IG :)Tuesday was CRAZY exciting because one of our neighbors trees fell down.  #boymom
The boys were BEYOND pumped to get out there and "climb" in Mr. Tommy and Miss Sarah's tree...
It was approximately 7000 degrees out, so we didn't climb for long.

While the boys climbed, Little Miss hung out in her stroller... sweaty head and all.

I had Middle School parent night on Tuesday night and when it was over I checked my phone and saw this pic from Dave.  Apparently the boys finished dinner so they got to go outside (in matching shirts... no pants for Mason, backwards shirt and pj pants for Luke) and watch some guys chop up the tree with chain saws.  We try to keep it extra classy at our house.  When I got home I asked him what Griffin was doing during all this excitement and was informed that she was out there with them... being held by our neighbors... in ONLY a diaper.  Awesome :)

This was a pic from Monday night that Dave forgot to send me until Tuesday.   My sweet sweet boys.

 Wednesday was yellow day and Luke and I started it off right (at Starbucks - hahaha) and he was showing off his battle scar from when Mason smacked him across the nose with his sword. :)

Later Wednesday morning Dave texted me these sweet pics of the Littles...

After school I picked up Mason and Griffin from sitter and we all headed up to the club to pick up our drinks and popcorn from Daddy.  It sounds crazy, but after a busy and non-stop day at work sometimes we'll swing through to pickup snacks,I'll crank the A/C in the van down, turn the movie up and we'll drive for 30 minutes. It's peaceful and chilly and perfect. :)

That afternoon I came home to my favorite kind of mail... print products for my sweet clients!!!

Real men wear Petunia Pickle bottom ergo carriers :)

One of my students gave me this crazy Texas rangers mask for my boys :)

Mason LOVES him some Nutella :)

Three tiny hineys were in the tub on Wednesday night :)

After bath time Mason asked to PEEEEZ wear my "lightning mcqueen big shirt".  He calls anything red "lightning mcqueen" :)

It has been RIDICULOUSLY hot here and so on Thursday morning I thought that maybe if I dressed for Fall it would come... Fall didn't come, but carpool duty in the 103 heat sure did!  Gross.

Friday was NUTS at school and so I made the relaxing decision to haul down Halloween out of the attic when I got home from work.  hahaha

Griffin is at this awkward point where she really needs to take a nap in between her afternoon nap and bedtime, but she often fights it HARD.  If I put her in the Ergo carrier while I make dinner she pretty much always passes out.  It's something I look forward to every day.  I love babywearing :)

My polish this week was from my Julep Maven box and I LOVED it!  So Christmasey!

Friday night Gibi came over to give everyone goodnight kisses :)

And then I got to work on blog designs...

Saturday morning Griffin and I had some girl time while the boys went to do their Home Depot project.

She JUST started sleeping in her crib and I kind of hate not having her in our room.  I know it's better everyone's sleep, but it's just crazy that she's not newborn anymore :(

The boys made a football ring toss and Mason worked hard on looking like he's about 12 (seriously... don't you think he looks crazy old in this pic???)

After Home Depot it was off to Sam's for some essentials (including slushies!)

Saturday afternoon Griffin debuted her pumpkin shirt! YAY!!!!

I have been on a MAJOR salad kick lately and this one has been hitting the spot EVERY time.
 Saturday night Haha came over and he and Luke played ring toss...
I finished putting out Halloween decor (I'll show it off next month!!!)

And for some reason decided to bake chocolate chip pumpkin bread at 9:30 p.m.  Dave got off work around 11:00 and he and i got to sit and share some fresh out of the oven. YUM!

Sunday morning we headed to church and pretended it was Fall by layering :)

We had to run by Market Street on the way home and Luke BEGGED us for this Jeep for when he "gets big". :)

After short naps we got up and ready for our nephew Levi's Dancey Dance Yo Gabba Gabba second birthday party.  Griffin sported her "Dance Yourself Silly" Matilda Jane tank just for the occasion.

We had so much fun at the party!

Mason was partied out by the time we left :)

We got home and I made queso and Bunco Buns and then Luke and I headed out to celebrate Carter!!!  We love us some CARTER! :)  (PS I actually got out my "real camera" and took a few pics... I'll post them later this week)

This week is Homecoming at school... so brace yourself for lots of "Spirit Day" pics which should be super fun since it's Decades themed.  Tomorrow is fifties day and I have no clue what I'm wearing... which is inconvenient since I need to be up and dressed in about 6 hours. :)

Don't forget to leave me a comment so I can go and check out your week via IG!!!


  1. Fall decorations, pumpkin bread and cute cards for me? Seriously, your week was perfect!

  2. Such a fun favorite part...Griffin's cute pumpkin shirt!!

  3. Andrea, I love your striped dress!
    Levi's dance party looks like it was so fun! I'll have to link you photos of Nolan's train party when I get them up!
    just signed up for instagram so now I can see your photos daily :)

  4. LOVE all the pics!! That salad? Yum! Layering for Fall...oh how I wish it worked like that. I am SO READY for some cooler weather!!
    My IG name is tremaine6 (and I just posted my Fall mantle yesterday!!)

  5. Thanks for my adorable blog design ;) I love it!


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