Monday, September 16, 2013

Another Week in the Books...

Another week has come and gone, and I typically lament over how quickly time flies, but tonight I am sooooooooo glad last week is over. hahaha :)  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job and all that it entails, but I'm the Middle School student Government sponsor and Homecoming Week is KILLER!!! (especially when it's scheduled for November and then gets bumped to the 5th week of school!)

This year's theme was RETRO and Monday's spirit day was Fifties... so at 6:45 when I was getting dressed I decided to go as a 1950's housewife.  I carried a rolling pin, wore an apron and called it a day.  Luke's spirit day was Crazy Hat dayand so he wore his Uncle Mark's hard hat :)

Monday after school I was getting things ready for the rest of the week and the boys (one happily, one unhappily) tried on an afro wig :)

This is a pretty "typical" after school scene at my house... everyone piled on our bed :)

I prepped my stuff for Tuesday's spirit day...

.... while Dave took the boys for a walk...

Griffin was WIPED!

And after I got her to bed I finished up Erika's blog :)

Tuesday was '70s day and I channeled my groovy side :)

Tuesday night I had to get groceries as well as supplies for the Middle School dance and so we all headed to Sams for some shopping and pizza (and raspberries if you're Mason).

We stopped by Bath and Body Works on the way home so I could grab a few pumpkin soaps...

... and then I made Monster Cookies for my girls small group on Wednesday.

Wednesday was Eighties Day and I was officially I hot mess... 

The boys ran a couple of errands Wednesday night and Griffin helped me put away some laundry...

Since I got out my Halloween decor last weekend I thought it was only fitting that we got out Griffin's new Halloween PJs from Hanna Andersson :)

Before I got her in her jammies I snapped a couple of cute pics... she's rolling like CRAZY now and can roll both ways...

One of the errands the boys ran for me was picking up EIGHT HUNDRED glow sticks for the Homecoming Dance.

Wednesday night I made chicken spaghetti... in bulk. I like to cook ahead and freeze for busy weeks.

Thursday was "Pick a Decade" day and my easiest option was Nineties "grunge"... which I'm not sure I pull off in my "Office" t-shirt and Dave's JCrew button down :)

Thursday I was pretty much moving in to school.  Told y'all HoCo week was a beating!

Homegirl can roll... even when swaddled!

Cute Slightly Askew cards I made for a client in Michigan!

Griffin is LOVING her exersaucer!

On Thursday night I went to MCA Tailgate to introduce my Middle School Homecoming court and make sure my middle schoolers were there to carry in our spirit banners and the kiddos stayed home with Gibi.  When I got home she and Luke were reading Lego magazines and eating popcorn :)

Friday was INSANE!!!!  As the Stud Gov sponsor I'm responsible for the entire "spirit day" which for us involved 180 kids in a kickball tournament, volleyball tournament and relay races.  DAve dropped the little kids off with me in the morning while he ran to Sam's to pick up ice cream for the dance that night and I'm pretty sure Mason had the BEST DAY EVER!  HE had about 25 eighth graders following him around, doting on him and pretty much giving him 100% of their attention.

 Mason is somewhere in the middle of the crowd of teenagers :)

He was OBVIOUSLY lacking in attention :)

EVERYTHING we did was outside and it was about 95 degrees... after 6 hours outside, I came into my classroom and looked pretty much like a red ooompa looompa.  My face gets ridiculously red...

Friday afternoon I set up all the tables and chairs for the dance, did table clothes, prepped all the glow necklaces and met the DJ for sound check.  Dave brought by some table cloths for me after he picked up the littles and Mason was NOT feeling the loud music. He warmed up after a while though and he and I had the entire gym to ourselves as a dance floor :)

Friday night I went home, met my mom and then headed out to finish setting up for the dance.  I made a quick sonic run and then was back at the school ready for the 10 - midnight dance. 

The DJ was AMAZING and the kids all had a BLAST.  I was attempting to take a pic with a fellow teacher, Amanda, but we were photobombed... this pretty much describes my life at school on a daily basis :)  They say there's a special place in Heaven for middle school teachers.  hahaha

I got to sleep in on Saturday morning (YAY 8:30!) and my plans were pretty much to hang around in sweats and try to get my house in order after the chaotic week.  

I went to Kid to Kid's Halloween costume event and picked up a Buzz Lightyear costume (it's supposed to be for MAson... but Luke managed to squeeze himself in it)...

Dave went to work around 9:30 a.m. and when Griffin went down for her nap the boys and I painted...

Luke painted an ocean with a sailboat and a shark:

Mason's favorite thing to play right now is "Kin-Chin" :)

Griffin took a GREAT morning nap and then sported a super cute Halloween outfit :)  And no, Erika... I don't have 31... although that would be AWESOME!

Mason and Griffin were napping in the afternoon, Luke was playing outside and I was folding laundry when I heard CRAZY screaming coming from the backyard.  Luke was stung by what we think was a wasp (based on his drawing - hahaha) :)

I forgot to post this earlier, but one of the highlights of my week was getting to watch one of my besties cook on Good Morning Texas!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Saturday night my mom went with me to WalMart (exciting, I know!)

and then after the kids were in bed I organized my baking cabinets...

Luke PASSED OUT in his Buzz lightyear costume, 

But I was able to take him out of the pleather costume and carry him to his bed without him ever waking up!

Sunday morning Dave was at work again, so the boys snuggled in my bed and watched a Tigger Movie while I got ready for church...

Mason LOVES Sunday school... he's in the orange :)

Griffin ready for the nursery!

Today was also Kensington's FIFTH birthday! It seriously seems like yesterday that she was born! ( I have vivid memories of going to see Shay and being soooooooooo impressed that she had on EARRINGS!!!)

After church we were lookin' a little rough...

Mason showed off his muscles at lunch...

Tonight I finally had a chance to get the pics from the week off my big camera :)

I'm looking forward to a LOW KEY week of playing catch up and hopefully getting some sleep this week.  How about you???


  1. I love, love, love how much you get into your school spirit! I think that's just fantastic! OK...this is probably my favorite post...pumpkin scents at Bath and Body Works, Monster Cookies, Chicken Spaghetti, an organized pantry, me on TV, Kensington's birthday, Griffin in Halloween pjs...honestly, like the best post EVER!

  2. I really love that photo of you on 70s day! Do you have fine or thick hair?
    The paintings that the boys made on Saturday are so fun.
    Love Griffin's Halloween kitty outfit!

  3. I'm tired after reading about your week!!! Exhausted acutally! ha! I bet your middle schoolers think you're a SUPER fun teacher!! And...I agree!! I love G's Halloween attire!! Luke's pleather sweaty costume reminded me of Ross on Friends when he wears the leather pants, goes to the bathroom, and can't get them pulled back up?? :)

  4. 3 Favorite things from today's post:
    1) Mason in the afro
    2) Griffin's lashes
    3) Luke's picture of what stung him

    Love ya!

  5. You sound like the BEST teacher ever, love how you get so into spirit fun (and exhausting I'm sure)!! And your kiddos, the cutest....sweet Griffin always, always reminds me of my Grace (who is now 7 months old), they have the same dark hair and those big beautiful eyes! Luke in the Buzz costume....too much I tell ya, ha!!!

  6. I think I may have said it before, but I'll say it are the Energizer bunny! I have no clue how you juggle so much and seem to not let it get you flustered one bit! I hope you can enjoy some rest and relaxation this week! You deserve it :-)

  7. You have the most adorable family!!

  8. WOW! Not only did you accomplish ALL of that last week, you had the energy to blog about it, too?! Bravo! I'm having so much fun reading about your family on here and following you on Instagram! Is Griffin's navy and orange outfit Matilda Jane? Love it!

  9. I am my school's studentleadership rep too! Homecoming is this coming week! It is going to be a long week!


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