Saturday, June 15, 2013


Wednesday morning smiles:

Mason and Griffin at about the same age..

Griffin rocked her cute new headwrap from one of my very favorite Etsy stores:

We made a quick trip to Sam's and Mason was seriously missing Luke.  He was also missing his paci A LOT, but he solved that problem QUICK by just taking his sisters :)

Griffin sat in her Bumbo for the first time and was lacking a bit of head control :)  When Mason and Luke sat in it at this age their necks were supported by the back of the chair... she must be longer than them because her neck was WAY past the back.

Mason is denial that he's not the baby anymore :)

We met up with Haha for dinner at our favorite pizza place and Dave managed to snap this picture of me with my three cuties.  I'm lookin rough! (no makeup and dirty hair), but they look adorable, so it's okay with me.

After dinner we played outside for a bit.  The boys played catch and Griffin and I watched. :)

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  1. that blue tribal print head wrap is so cute!
    what a beautiful baby she is!
    floral & fudge


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