Saturday, June 1, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend was super low key for us.  Dave worked A TON (the pools opened, it was super busy because of the Holiday and it was his Manager on Duty weekend) so the kids and I pretty much just hung out at home.

Saturday morning, mom and Luke worked outside and so Griffin, Mason and I headed out (in the almost-rain) to run some errands.

First stop was the farmer's market at Chestnut Square. Mason (and Woody) loved feeding the goats...

There was this GIANT white dog that Mason made a bee-line for, and naturally I thought he wanted to pet the dog... we got up to the dog and I asked if he could pet it and it turns out all he wanted to do was wear the dog's hat :) (not sure why the dog was wearing a hat, but whatever)

Mason has FINALLY decided that he'll wear his headphones in the van which is AWESOME because it means I don't have to listen to Toy Story constantly. hahaha

Mason was such a big helper on our errands that I treated him to a corn dog from Sonic.

Our morning of errands wore Mason out! He fell asleep mid-conversation :)

Gibi came over in the late afternoon and she and I had THE HARDEST TIME waking Luke up from his nap.   Here's Gibi with two VERY sleepy babies :)

2/3 of my crew:

Dave had a quick break on Saturday and I took a moment to lay down on the couch with a bowl of Lucky Charms.  Mason must have heard me eating because he was at my side after about 4 seconds to pick all the marshmallows out of my cereal. :)

Sunday morning Mason looking WAY too big for my liking :)

After church the boys helped me find all the letters in Griffin's name.  WE had to improvise with one of the "I"s...

Sunday night - PERFECT!

Monday was more quality time with just me and my three musketeers.  Griffin was bright eyed in the morning:)

Mason wanted to take a picture with her, but this lasted about half a second - he's crazy :)

The boys played really nicely together all day. Luke worked really hard on trying to get Mason to write his alphabet :)

And the played cars in Masons bed for almost an hour:

I am a SUCKER for a cute headband.  SUCKER!

Luke passed out during his afternoon episode of Lego Star Wars...

and Mason (who has become a HUGE Daddy's boy) couldn't wait for Daddy to get home around dinnertime.

One of the members at the Club sent a present home with Dave for Griffin and Mason confiscated it within minutes of it being open. 
It was a LONG three days with almost no "Daddy Time", but we survived and had lots of fun together :)  I was EXHAUSTED on Monday night, but wouldn't trade my one-on-one time with the kiddos for anything!

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  1. cute boots photo!
    Mason reminds me a lot of my Nolan--especially when stealing the marshmallows from your 'Charms!

    floral & fudge


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