Sunday, June 2, 2013

Last Wednesday and Thursday

Last Wednesday morning Griffin was being super sweet.  I LOVE mornings. :)

I find Mason with my phone, carrying on a conversation with Siri, several times a day.  Usually it looks something like this:

Mason was at Miss Lisa's house and so Luke and I spent the morning cleaning.  Luke took a flashlight and package of babywipes and he tackled the baseboards for me.  I appreciate his help, but I didn't appreciate all the commenting about how dirty and "ick" the baseboards were. :)

Griff wasn't keep on taking a nap that day, so she rode around in the Ergo while I worked.  OF course, the minute she's in the carrier she's out like a light.

Griffin had some tummy time...

... and Luke made sweatbands out of Lego (just like the ones his class wore at Jog-A-Thon).

IT's officially summer when Sheaffer's summer sandwich makes it's debut at my house:

During afternoon nap time I managed to get dinner prepped and tons of fruit cleaned and cut.  I feel like in the last week or so Griffin has been napping more "reliably" and I've been able to be more productive. 

Being cute is tiring work :)

Thursday was Mason's last day at Miss Lisa's for the school year and so I enjoyed some sweet time with these two:

I tried to devise a system to hold our growing headband collection:

and FINALLY changed out my chalkboard plate that had "Griffin arrives in 10 days".  Now I can't walk by without singing/humming :)

Rachel brought us dinner (YUM!) and this dessert which was TO DIE FOR!!!

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  1. I love Griffin's blue & white striped dress--adorable!
    I can't believe her extensive headband collection!
    floral & fudge


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