Saturday, May 18, 2013


Wednesday morning was super rainy and dreary, so Griffin hung out in the mamaroo while I worked on Slightly Askew projects...

After having the world's BIGGEST blowout (complete with poop in her hair from when I was taking the onesie off) she had a mid-morning bath.  LOVE that dimpled little hiney :)

Outfit No.2 for the day...

Wednesday I had to pick up both boys and it was kind of a disaster.  It was POURING when I went to get Mason from Lisa's house... SOAKED.  Then, on our way to pick up Luke Mason informed me that he pooped.  Awesome.  After a diaper change in the van (which is always loads of fun) we headed in to pick up brother.  Since we were past the carpool time (thanks to Griffin's feeding schedule that day) we had to walk in and I didn't have a hand to hold an umbrella (one was pushing the stroller, the other was holding Mason's) we got soaked yet again.  By the time we got home I was a total wet mess.  The rain had stopped by the time we pulled in at home (of course!), but Mason decided it would be a good time to dump bubbles all over himself.

Griffin and I after dinner...

Luke's teachers put together a scrapbook of the year and Wednesday night we got to look through it with Luke.  This pic of Luke at Jog-A-Thon was one of my favorites...

This one of him and Ali cracked me up :)

Thursday morning we showered and got dressed and ready to head up to MCA so I could meet with my Student Government kids about the semi-formal we were having Friday night.  Three of my sweet, sweet kiddos :)


  1. Mason and the bubbles--oh no! :)
    I love Griffin's yellow floral shirt.
    and I can't wait until you post her birth announcement--I'm sure it's your best design yet!

  2. some days you just have to laugh!! atleast that's my method for getting through those crazy mommy days! you're such a great mom! =)


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