Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Funday

This morning we made it to church, Griffin INSISTED on eating in the middle of the service... so she and I hung out in the "nursing moms" room.  She was cracking me up because she was in the DEEPEST milk coma ever :)

When I went to get Mason out of the car he was being his normal, crazy self.  LOVE this silly boy!

Dave has ALWAYS dipped various foods into his milk (pizza crusts, sandwiches, etc.) and it TOTALLY grosses me out.  Today during lunch, totally unprompted, both boys started dunking their chips into their milk.  GROSS!!!  I don't think Dave has ever been more proud.

Griffin changed out of her church clothes and into a more comfy ensemble complete with ruffled leg warmers.

Mason was taking a nap, and Luke asked that Griffin lay with him and Daddy to watch some of The Lorax.

This afternoon's cookie of choice? Oatmeal raisin.

When I put this sweatshirt on this afternoon I realized that the last time I wore it I was about 38 weeks pregnant.  It fits a TEENY bit different now. :)  It's BIZARRE to wear clothes that were crazy tight during the end of pregnancy and have them be baggy now.  (Apparently my face was pregnant too!)

This afternoon we spent some time in the backyard spreading mulch, pulling weeds, etc.  Mason was rockin' his frog boots...

... and Griffin got to join us outside for a bit!

I made a solo trip to Kroger tonight (I HAD to have my strawberry fruit bars!) and ended up with hair accessories for Griffin as well! #girlmom :)
As a sidenote, this was my first time to leave Griffin!  Crazy to think that for 2.5 weeks she's been with me 24/7!  Crazier to think that this was my first time to be 100% on my own in about 10 months! hahaha

Haha got back from his conference in Florida last night and stopped by tonight to see the kiddos.  Mason was super excited that Haha got to read him his bedtime story.

After her 7:30 feeding, Griffin was hanging out with Haha and Luke wanted to share his Lego car with her.  Such a sweet big brother!

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  1. Okay, so hilarious because last week I was at Kroger and saw a whole display of cute bows for only $1.50!!! I came home with four for Audrey! Who would have thought you'd find bows at Kroger?!


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