Friday, May 31, 2013

May 19/20

On Sunday afternoon I had the brilliant idea to do some "sensory" play with a GIANT bag of rice I'd had in the pantry for months.  The boys LOVED IT!!!

And I loved it too until Mason decided to dump rice all over his brother's head.  Also - while I was cleaning up I had the boys take all the hot wheels cars they had been playing with in the rice back to their room.  When I went in their bedroom there was rice ALL OVER their blue shaggy rug.  Turns out the little hot wheels cars were FILLED with rice.  UGH.  Lesson learned.

Later that afternoon Luke went to the bathroom... after a while I went to check on his progress and found him SOUND ASLEEP!!! LOVE his creative use of the cabinet door :)

Griffin had on a super cute onesie with shoes!!!  How sad is it that she's already outgrown several of her newborn onesies!!!  Thankfully this one is size 3 months so it should last us for a while.

On Monday, Luke was at school and Mason was at Miss Lisa's so it was just Dave, Griffin and I.  We were productive at home in the morning and then got dressed and had a lunch date at Genghis Grill! YUM!

Luke got home from school that day and it was straight to the dentist for he and I.  You can tell that the dentist obviously stresses him out horribly.  NOT! :)

Miss Pauline had to keep reminding him that she couldn't clean his teeth if he was talking :)

It was a clean bill of health for Luke, but he did proceed (unprompted!) to tell the front desk staff that his dad and I NEVER EVER EVER flossed his teeth.  Nice, Luke!

I got my yearbook on Monday as well and was tickled to see that Shelly (my favorite senior - hehehe) had "willed" me several items in her Senior Will.  Shelly has hung out in my classroom with my pretty much every day after school for the last 4 years and I'm going to miss her SOOOOOOOO much when she heads off to Auburn in the Fall.

It was also fun to see several Slightly Askew Designs senior pages in the back of the book.  LOVE all these girls!  (And when did Senior pics get so artistic and cute... mine were DEFINITELY not this good)

Tuesday morning Dave went in to get the boys up and found this...

There were CRAZY bad storms here on Tuesday (like schools in Dallas letting out early bad) and Griffin and I declared it a PJ day (although her PJs are WAY more fashionable than mine).

Haha texted us these pictures from his office downtown.  CRAZY!!!

The storms REALLY bothered Griffin :)

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