Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Saturday/Sunday via Instagram

Saturday morning Dave took the boys to the park.  He texted me this picture and I COULD NOT stop laughing.  Be sure to check out Mason's expression :)

Mason has some CRAZY bedhead.  I'm not sure how his super fine, straight hair turns into this "rats nest", but it somehow does.

Saturday night Luke introduced Griffin to Bob the Builder.  I'm sure she'll be watching lots of "boy shows" for a while :)

Gibi was over on Saturday night and she and Griffin spent some quality time stretching.  LOVE me some baby stretches.

Monkey on his back :)
(and yes, he's watching a Lego movie... just in case he didn't spend enough of his time playing Legos now he can watch them in movie form as well!)

I picked up these cute little red pants for Luke at the GAP last week and I was DYING over how stinkin' adorable he looked on Sunday.  When we were walking in to brunch he goes, "Mommy, I was the ONLY kid in my class with red pants"... and I responded with, "That's because you're AWESOME!"  :)  

Mason is ALL about his baby sister, "Gwippin".  He wants to know where she is and what she's up to at all times.  Here "Gwippin" was "sweepin" in her "baby bed".  Love that sweet boy!

Zoolander :)

My non-dare devil has decided he has an adventurous side and wants to jump off of anything and everything.  

Cutest baby jeans EVER!!! Can't wait for Griffin to ROCK them this Fall (she has some baby Minnetonkas I think will look FAB with them).

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