Monday, April 15, 2013

One last day of being ONE!

Mason turns two tomorrow and I CAN NOT believe it! He is spunky, determined and FULL of personality :)  I snapped these pictures of him on Sunday and I think they "fit him" well.  

Here he is hanging out in his favorite garage chair drinking a Capri Sun and talking on his "cell phone" (calculator he found in my school bag).  He turns LOTS of things into cell phones and the conversation usually goes, "Ello??? Yep. Okay. Lub you. Bye."

Blowing me some fishy kisses!

He and Dave were on their way to Kroger, but I wanted to try and get a couple of pictures outside... Dave wanted me to let everyone know (because I'm sure everyone will TOTALLY notice this) that he had mowed our grass but hadn't edged yet. hahaha

I asked him how old he was and he said "two" while holding up three fingers :)


His other favorite thing to say right now??? "What's that noise???"

Checking out some puppies across the street...

 Of course he started giving sweet smiles and giggles AFTER he was buckled into his carseat :)

Mason loves to "scare" people by being a dinosaur.  He does his hands like claws and ROARS until you talk about how scared you are :0

You better believe this one-year old will be getting some extra long snuggles tonight!  UGH! Where did my baby go?!?!?!?!

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  1. First of all, your little guy is too cute!! Love the pic of him "showing" you how old he is.

    Second, the comment on the grass made me laugh! Because I was sitting here reading your blog, and my husband came to see what I was doing. When he saw the grass, he instantly wanted to know what Dave's secret is. My husband is a bit obsessed with our lawn. And why it won't grow under our trees. From my hubby to yours, the grass looks good. :)


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