Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Monday, April 22, 2013

Our Monday started off bright and early with a trip to MCA!  Mason was still asleep, so Dave stayed home with him and Griffin, Luke and I loaded up and headed to school.  When we were getting close to school I asked Luke if he wanted to do carpool or if he wanted to walk in with me and Griffin.  He immediately responded with "carpool" and I said that was fine. A few minutes later he said that he changed his mind that that he might want to walk in with us.  Once we parked and got out of the car he announced that he wanted to push the stroller and that he wanted to take Griffin into his class so all his friends could see how "ca-yoot" she is :)  Y'all... I have never seen him prouder. He lifted up her little carseat canopy and instructed everyone to come take a "peek" at his beautiful baby sister.  My heart melted!!!

We dropped Luke off, made a couple of stops and got to see several students.  It was super fun to see everyone again.  When we got home, Mason was up and what started as a basic "feet rinsing" (he ran outside when Dave was taking out the trash and his feet were covered in that yellow polleny stuff), turned into a full on sink bath... complete with Capri Sun :)

Griffin got a SUPER sweet gift from one of my students and she just HAD to wear it to my hair appointment that afternoon.  There's a bow and socks that go with it, but she is still too small for those.  SO CUTE!

She was a perfect angel during my hair appointment and I was even able to run an errand afterward.  5" gone!

After the hair appointment and errand, we stopped in at Haha's office. We visited with his business partners, Griffin ate and Haha got in a few snuggles.

That afternoon MAson built some block towers... do we have another little engineer on our hands???


Griffin was WIDE awake when the boys got home from school...

... and she and Luke spent some time telling each other about their days :)

After dinner the boys worked on a new puzzle...
 ... while I made chocolate chip cookies at Luke's request :)

Poor Mason has strep, but he was feeling better by Monday night.
Griffin was full of funny faces Monday night... which kept her Daddy and I entertained.  
I fed her at 7:45, then woke her up to eat again at 11:00. She slept for a while and then was fussy/fidgety so I ended up feeding her again at 1:00.  After that she slept from 2:00 all the way until 7:30 when I had to wake her up! BIG GIRL!!!

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  1. Andrea, you've done a lot the last few days with Griffin, even make cookies--wow!
    I like your fresh haircut!
    such sweet photos of Griffin making faces. she sounds like a really good sleeper :)
    hope Mason is feeling better!


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