Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Griffin Joy - Day 2 (Pictures from my real camera)

On Thursday morning mom left for work and after getting the boys off to Lisa's and School (and stopping at Starbucks for tea - HALLELUJAH!) Dave came back to the hospital.  We ooohed and aaahed over sweet Griffin and then let it be known that we were ready to get the ball rolling on gettin' out! :)  

As much as I appreciate the hospital staff, I am WAAAAAAAAAAY more of a homebody and am so much more comfortable in my own "place".  We got Griffin changed, ate breakfast and started the discharge process.  

Griffin had her hearing test and was checked out again by our pediatrician and was officially discharged from the nursery.

My OB came by to check on me and then we just had to wait for birth records and billing (fun! fun!)

PLEASE keep in mind that I as CRAZY swollen (hahaha) after the liters of fluid the day before and am crazy pasty tue to really low iron...

Around 2:00 we were officially discharged!!!

We got home and had an hour or so to relax before Dave went and picked up the boys.  Luke has been cracking us up by waving at Griffin whenever he sees her :)

The boys got to see Griffin for a bit, we had a couple of visitors (thanks DiLeo's and Shulls!) and then it was dinner time.  We got some cute presents from some of my co-workers (including a robot helmet for the boys) and Dave took full advantage :)

The boys took turns holding their sister (and covering her swaddle blanket in chocolate crumbs - hehehe)

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