Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rewind: Instagram Part III

A game of "pillow bonk" before bed this week:

Not sure where the next several weeks of growing are going to go...

Dave was the volunteer for "centers" in Luke's class this past Thursday and he texted me this pic.  Luke had been at school for less than an hour and already he had crazy hair and an untucked shirt. :)

Throwback Thursday pic this week was the day Mason was born... so stinkin' sweet! :)

This is my last week before Spring Break (HALLELUJAH!) and there is a TON to do to wrap up the quarter.  Up next??? preparing for maternity leave!  Thankfully on Friday I was able to get all my grading done, lesson plans entered and stuff prepped for this week.  This week should be super productive as well since I only have students on Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday they're doing community service and Thursday and Friday they're going to be on their class trips (that I don't have to chaperone this year!  I think the thought of me having to need to use the restroom every 15 minutes was a deterrent. hahaha).

Big and Little watching some Caillou while I get dinner ready...

Caillou-watching turned into wrestling, of course!

Have you ever seen anything cuter?!?!  The purple Wellys spoke to me :)

I SERIOUSLY need to uninstall the Etsy app on my phone. Seriously.

One of Dave's "things" is taking the boys to the library on Saturday to pick out new books and movies for the week.  We laugh at some of his book "choices" which have included a Halloween book about a kid trading his soul to the devil for candy (literally, the devil) and a book that was innocently titled something about a balloon but was about what to do when a friend dies.  Awesome.
So I wasn't surprised when the boys brought home "Freaky-Big Airplanes" yesterday :)

Kisses at lunch...

My boys settled in to watch a Veggie Tales before nap time...

... it was inevitable.  

A couple of weeks ago the club remodeled some of their locker rooms.  They were getting rid of some of the old lockers and so Dave and my dad picked up three for our garage.  This weekend we finally had a chance to get them put in place and organized.  Since we don't have a "mud room" (that's one thing I really wish that our house had) our plan is to kind of use our garage as our entry/exit/mudroom.  Shoes, backpacks, coats, etc. will hopefully all go out here so when we're leaving everyone's stuff will all be in the same place.

I don't think I posted about this before.. when we combined the boys rooms and got new furniture we decided to move the furniture from Luke's room (which was our office furniture from our old house) and the armoire from the nursery into the garage.  We talked about selling the "office furniture", but it is CRAZY heavy and for what I could probably have sold it for it just didn't seem worth it.  Thus was born our "white trash playroom".  hahaha.  Again, since we're kind of maxed out on space we decided to turn this into a kind of playroom.  This is one side of the garage, the other side houses bikes, power wheels, Dave's tool bench, etc.

During dinner on Saturday night, Luke excused himself and ran away from the table.  Gibi was over, and we assumed that he was going to the bathroom, but when he returned a few minutes later he was wearing underwear on his head!  When I asked him why he had underwear on his head, he answered (very matter-of-fact) that they were to keep his head warm.

Of course, Monkey See Monkey Do is the law of the land at our house and so Mason HAD to have a pair for his head too.  Typical Saturday night at the McAnallys :)

Saturday night Luke fell asleep in our bed while watching a movie, and he was rolling around and taking up all the space (I was trying to do lesson plans) and so I decided to carry him to his room.  I had to snap a pic because it was such a "mom moment"... carrying around 35 lbs of completely dead weight (he was OUT!) and a 32 week belly.  I was laughing because when I was pregnant with Luke I wouldn't have lifted a case of diet coke :)

 Saturday morning was a Home Depot project day and Dave took the boys to build race cars.  Here are a few pics he texted me...

This week is "Missions Week" at MCA, where all of our high schoolers take a week and serve on a mission trip.  This week we'll have students serving locally in Dallas, a group in Oklahoma, a group in Costa Rica and a group in Romania.  As I was seeing FB status updates about planes leaving and landing and groups arriving safely, I couldn't help but be nostalgic about my trip to Jamaica three years ago.  It was a fabulous time with some awesome MCA students and I hope and pray that this year's missions experiences are just as meaningful for the students (and chaperons).

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