Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Griffin's Nursery

When we found out in December that we would be having a little girl, my desire to change up the nursery grew from non-existent to mild :)  It wasn't super "boyish" before and I didn't have any grand plans to change things and I knew I didn't want to paint the whole room.  Anyway - there's still a couple more little things I'd like to do, but for now it's ready for her!  All we have to do is get Mason out of the crib :)

Standing in the doorway looking in:

The right side of the room is her crib.  It's the same crib that we had for both boys, but the matching dresser is now in our family room and the armoire is in the garage (because we NEVER used it for anything).  The crib is still super low because Mason is still sleeping in there... hopefully we'll be able to raise it soon!

I totally coveted this paper chandelier from Pottery Barn Kids and had myself almost convinced that I could save some cash by making it myself... but when I thought about the time it would take I decided to bite the bullet and buy it.  It was out of stock everywhere, but thankfully the sweet girls at the Stonebriar store felt sorry for me and my pregnant self and took down the one they had hanging on display (which involved paperclipping all the butterflies together and being sure that it wouldn't be a total tangled mess when I got home).  THANK YOU!!!

I didn't do a crib bumper this time around either, because I know how quickly I removed it with both the boys.

This cute little table belonged to a co-worker and was white when I got it. I almost painted it white, but opted for something a little more "bold" in the end.  The pictures were painted by Luke for Mason when I was doing his nursery (this time two years ago!), and I need to flip them over and have each of the boys paint her a picture.  Spring Break project maybe???

Loving having pink around :)

Girly sheets and blankets and Mason's pacis :)

The crib skirt I found on etsy and was my first nursery purchase.  I liked that it had lots of different colors that I could incorporate.  Plus - since I wasn't doing a bumper I wanted it to be fun.

The wall opposite the crib... excuse the messy baskets and books... Mason was playing in here in the morning and "helped" put everything away.

The baskets have blocks and things in them now, but I'm sure it won't be long before they house doll house parts and barbies :) 

I found the old window turned chalkboard on Craigslist when I bought the blue chippy chair for the boys shared room.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

I made the little floral push pins for the bulletin board and I think they turned out cute...

SHOES!  I'm still looking for a different shade for this little lamp and have plans to paint the base, but for now it works...

The mirror went over the dresser (which I got from a coworker for FREE! YAY!) and since I wasn't using it in the traditional sense I decided to hang it low.  The boys always love checking themselves out in the mirror and I think it'll be fun.

The dresser was a light honey-colored wood, and I made my own chalk paint to refinish it.  I added some glass knobs and voila!

The tall dresser came with the low one that I repainted.  Originally I wanted to paint it white to match the other dresser, but practicality (and a big belly) took over and I decided just to leave it alone for now.

I haven't organized any clothes yet... Spring Break project?!?!?!

All we need now is a little girl!


  1. I love it! I just can't wait to meet sweet Griffin!

  2. Love seeing people's homes! Her room is SO precious! You are going to love having a little girl. The clothes! The bows! It's so fun. Our 3rd is a boy, so after 2 girls it was fun to decorate his nursery (we did navy/red/vintage sports) Here is the link:

  3. It's adorable! I want to steal some ideas! (Oh, and LOVE the carseat canopy! Just like Audrey's!)

  4. Love her room Andrea! So girly and cute!! Great colors :) Can't wait to little miss Griffin is in the photos!


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