Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day

Our Valentines Day celebrating started a day early when I picked up the boys on Wednesday with HEART BALLOONS! :)

Luke's Valentines this year were pretty simple.  Originally they were going to say "You Color My World, Valentine"... but he informed me that was "weird". :)

The Valentines "badge" we got for Daddy to wear at work on Thursday.  We also got one for each of his teachers. :)

 I'm the Sponsor for the Middle School Student Government and when they asked to sell candy grams for Valentines Day I was happy to oblige.  I had NO idea it was going to take off like it did and we ended up selling almost 500 candy bars in three days.  I picked them all up from Sam's on Wednesday afternoon and got some funny looks from people.  I guess a 30-week prego woman pushing a cart FULL of candy is a sight :)

After dinner on Wednesday night we let the boys open their Valentines gifts.  They each got a book (I'll have to post a pic later... they're really cute) and Luke got a...

...LEGO City Sticker book!!!  He was beyond excited!

Mason opened up his present and it was a Woody doll to go with his Buzz Lightyear!

Everyone had to kiss Woody :)

Luke also got a Lego firetruck...

... and I don't think he liked it at all :)

On Thursday morning I woke up to find this sweet card and flowers from my boys.  I LOVE gerber daisies and they know me so well :)

Daddy and Luke were up late on Wednesday night working on "something" and this was what it was... 

Thursday morning we attended the wedding of Q and U at MCA (more on that later) and the rest of the day was fairly "standard" for me.  I found this picture of my Valentine and I back in 2000 :)  
This was our 14th Valentine's Day together!

In the craziness that was getting Luke, his Valentines, his QU gear and 500 candy bars (that I sorted and labeled) all to school by 7:30 I totally forgot to bring lunch.  Thankfully I used my afternoon planning period wisely and made a trip to PeiWei and Sonic :)

After school Luke presented me with a "blue jewel" necklace that he made for me (yes, that's him POURING over his Lego sticker book in the back... )

Dave came home for a quick break before heading back to the club for Valentine's dinner service and I tried to snap a pic of him and his boys while wearing his badge:

  The rest of our evening was uneventful... mac and cheese for dinner and lots and lots of snuggles. Mason's favorite part of the day was the balloons.


  1. I love Luke's "color" Valentines--you did a great job on them! The Valentine the boys gave you is so sweet. :)

  2. Such a sweet valentines day!! Love the flashback pic of you and your valentine and the card your guys made you was too cute!! =)


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