Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pregnancy Update

Here are a BUNCH of random Instagram pictures related to Griffin/Pregnancy/Etc.  I haven't been great about taking official "belly pics", but I think that having my iPhone camera has helped capture the experience thus far. 

I was OVER THE MOON at school one day when a student brought me this Nothing Bundt cake.  I showed restraint though and ate it over two snacks... not all at once like I was tempted to :)

Another craving was oranges.  I couldn't get enough. I had to be careful when I ate them, though, because if it was too late in the day my daily heartburn episode would be worse than normal.  This craving has come and gone, but it was one of my strongest.

28 weeks...

My feet have been starting to swell (not a lot, but enough that it's painful), so some of my "quality time" with the boys is spent in our bed :)

Waiting in line at Sam's for my soft pretzel :)  I"m a regular.

Nightly snack. Ugh.  Maybe sweet girl with have lots of hair like Luke did!

I've also been OBSESSED with strawberry fruit bars.  Unfortunately Luke found them one night and now I've been forced to share my stash with him.  Good thing he's cute :)

What makes a lot of the aches, pains and annoyances of pregnancy worth it??? Shopping of course!  :) hahaha.  Since we didn't find out Luke's gender when I was pregnant with him I didn't shop a lot, and when we knew Mason was a boy I was able to use all of Luke's clothes... so this is kind of my first pregnancy shopping experience.  It's been a teeny bit ridiculous, but I'm trying to cut myself some slack.  How long will she let me dress her however I want, right?!?!?!

26.5 weeks... stripes, Uggs and Friday hair...

Mmmmm... cravings...

 Glucose test at 28 weeks... passed with flying colors!

All I wanted were some Peach-O rings and I literally couldn't find them anywhere.  SO FRUSTRATING!

We got the car seat down from the attic to put the new cover on it and Mason decided that he was a baby and refused to get out.  Uh-Oh.

Car seat has been "girlified" :)

You'll definitely be able to spot us at the pool this summer...

29 weeks...

I've been LOVING me some tights... even those of the aqua variety :)

Ordered this for a possible coming home outfit.  Adorable, right?

Lady Gaga trying out the mamaroo...

An attempt at organizing sweet girls closet... I ended up getting overwhelmed and not really doing much of anything.  Hahahaha.  Wonder why?!?! :)

What makes running errands better??? Ice cream!

Happy to say that Griffin's room is pretty much together.  Other than the fact that her brother is still sleeping in the crib :)  Hopefully I'll be able to do a nursery "reveal" in a bit.

Almost 30 weeks...

Craft project for Griffin's room.  Resin flower push pins.

Rainy day and 30 week belly called for some "brightening up".  Funny story - one of my dad's clients apparently saw me at the mall and asked my dad if I always dressed so "colorfully".  :)

After weeks of planning out and then almost starting to make a cute paper chandelier for the nursery, I broke down and bought the one I'd been pining over at Pottery Barn Kids.  Mason LOVES it... another reason he may not want to leave the room.  OOOPS!

Let the girly crafting begin!!!

This was from back in January - another understated maternity outfit.

Friday night = elevated feet...

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  1. I love Griffin's girlified carseat. She is going to be such a stylish baby.

    Andrea, you look so great at 30 weeks! I am in awe of your wardrobe... you have a fantastic collection of scarves. Where is the white floral one from?


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