Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nursery Rhyme Day

I've been a BAD blogger - lots going on around here lately.  But I'm going to try to catch up and stay current... wishful thinking, maybe... but oh well!

Anyway, when Luke got back from Christmas break he was assigned a poem.  He had to memorize the poem and prepare to say it in front of both Pre-K classes and parents on January 30th.  I was AMAZED at how quickly he memorized the poem, and then we spent the rest of the month working on saying it slowly :)

Here's my little "Hey Diddle Diddle" before reciting his poem:

 Thanks, Miss Amber for letting us borrow your "fiddle" :)

"Hey, Diddle Diddle. Me and my fiddle.
The cat sang along in tune.
The little dog laughed, enjoying our song...
How God hung the stars and the moon."

We were so proud of our little man and how well he did! He wasn't nervous at all and he said his poem clearly and slowly. Perfect.

Luke and his bud, Grady (I think he was Little Boy Blue).

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