Saturday, February 16, 2013

Misc Mason

Here are lots and lots of misc. Mason pictures.  A lot of them are ones that Dave texts me in the mornings (or on Mondays) while Luke and I are already at school.

Ready to go in his jammies and rain boots:

On a walk pointing out trees... He wore Dave's hat backwards the entire time :)

I get one of these pictures almost every morning :)  Breakfast time!

Errands are exhausting...

Glasses on our way home from church:

Pantless and getting into trouble... typical at our house.

About to walk in to Miss Lisa's house to "PWAY" with his friends:

Checking himself out in the mirror in Griffin's room:

Another breakfast pic... this time??? Oatmeal!  He loves the Maple brown sugar kind and every day (no matter how much you scrub him down after breakfast) he smells like syrup :)

This boy LOVES to clean! (You can tell this is right after dinner due to the protruding/full belly and the slicked back hair (courtesy of a thorough face wiping)

Dipping his banana in ketchup. Gross.


About to head to Miss Lisa's... Lamby in tow!

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