Monday, January 28, 2013

Perot Museum

We've been trying to go to the Perot Museum for EVER (I say forever... it only opened December 1st... but I'm pretty sure it's been sold out every day since then), I bought tickets for today about two weeks ago and Luke-Man was BEYOND excited!  We looked on the website to check it out before going and he was SOLD as soon as he heard that there was a big sandbox where you could dig for dinosaur bones.  It would be our luck that after a week of GORGEOUS weather it was raining and COLD this morning and the dino dig was closed :( , but we still managed to spend three hours at the museum and have a blast anyway :)

These are a mix of pictures from Instagram and my good camera. SORRY! 
As soon as we arrived we headed to the Children's Hall and the boys made a beeline for the water area...

My stubborn child would NOT wear the apron and ended up fairly soaked, but he was super entertained so we tried not to care :)

My little engineer constructing a "water tower" out of PVC:

That apron is doing Luke a lot of good :)

Mason brought a book over to me and I thought we were going to have a sweet moment for a picture... WRONG! Homeboy is on the move ALL THE TIME!

They have a cute little "nature" area set up with lots of lizards, frogs, snakes, etc. to look at (again... his apron failed him)

There was a little mini campsite and fire...

There was a creepy REALLY realistic squirrel on the log and we had to take a pic for Haha... squirrel hunter :)

They also had a cute little "Farmer's Market" set up... complete with product delivery truck.  I promise that Mason was WAY more excited than my picture shows :)

The boys shopped for and sorted produce...

... and Mason listened to some people talk about the Dallas Farmer's market on the "phone". :)

The best part of the whole Children's area was the little mini "Dallas" they had set up.  It was a construction site, climbing area, slide, etc. and I think both boys would have spent HOURS just in that one spot:

Luke-Man working the conveyor belt...

This is out of order, but Luke made an "AB" pattern at the Farmer's Market area:

Mason collecting bricks:

After we forced the boys to leave the Children's museum we headed up to the other floors to look around.

Me and my sweet boy... he was upset because there "wasn't enough room for his legs" while I was holding him.  Trust me, Luke... I know and agree :)  When I carry Mason around he usually sits "on top" of the belly, but Luke is way too big for that.  Both boys get frustrated trying to sit on my quickly-diminishing-lap at home to read a story or watch a movie... they (and me!) are ready for Mommy's lap to come back :)

Luke was cracking up because they had these little areas where you could "smell" nature items and after he smelled all three we told him that the one I'm pointing to was coyote urine.  :)  OF course, typical boy, he smelled it about 7 more times before we could move on. hahaha

Luke and I (LARGE AND IN CHARGE!) checking out the "adaptation station":

This was super cool... it was all these wooden blocks and when you stood in front of the screen it moved the blocks to show the outline of your body....

... Yes... I look ridiculous... but that's part of being a mom, right?!?!?!

I didn't know Dave had taken this until I uploaded pics :)

 I guess they had a good time...

Highly recommend the Perot museum if you're in Dallas!  Age appropriate, fun and educational :)

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