Monday, January 21, 2013

InstaPics - Part II

I LOVE the built-ins in my office, but DESPISE cleaning them.  Taking everything off every shelf, dusting, etc. makes it a lengthy and tedious process.  Thank goodness it's done!

2013 can officially start!  This isn't a new planner (I use a school-year planner, since everyone knows that the year REALLY runs August - August), but just a spiral to keep all my meal planning, Slightly Askew ramblings, etc.

"Someone" was REALLY excited about cheeseballs...

... and Griffin was REALLY excited about sugary cereals :)

After nap:

Luke got new tinkertoys for Christmas and has been building non-stop since:

Baby in a basket wearing Boden:

Finally found my chalk marker so I could re-do my sign:

A perk of having a husband who manages a country club???  The FOOD!!!  Three-cheese raviolli with fresh tomato sauce. YUM!  This (along with pool access) makes Dave's sometimes-weird hours worth it to me. :)

Skinny jeans, puffy jacket and slicked back hair.  Stylin' for church.

He is NUTS over sticking crayons into the fireplace starter.  Crazy kid.

Best seat in the house for Church:

Big helper putting dishes in the sink after dinner:

Mason is desperate to be a LITTLE bit taller and be able to reach into the top drawer of the Lego dresser:

Craft time!

OMG! Go buy one - NOW!!!

Mason's eyebrow helps him get all the yogurt out of his cup:

Dinner guest:

Dave texted me this during a shopping trip to WalMart:

Just doing some vacuuming while wearing some shades:

Weird day... taking Luke's room apart to get ready for new furniture:

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  1. Your study is my favorite room in your house! I just love it! It's so cozy and inviting!! I also love your planner!!


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