Sunday, January 20, 2013

Boys Room

As soon as I found out about Griffin I started panicking about our "room situation" :)
We LOVE our house and I had plans of moving the boys in together at some point and then turning the "nursery" into an official playroom... well, plans had to change.  hahaha

The nursery will become Griffin's room (it's a mess right now... but I have plans to make it over into something girly and fun before her arrival) and Luke's old room is now the "boy's room".  

It's pretty much together, so I thought I'd share some pics!

This is the view standing in the doorway.  Luke's bed is the one by the window and Masons is on the right wall.

I happened to find this little vintage school house chair on Craigslist while looking for a window chalkboard for Griffin's room.  I LOVE it!  It really doesn't serve a purpose (it used to be at Luke's desk - which is now in the garage) other than to be a backpack staging area.

To the right of Mason's bed is a bookcase which houses books (duh!), toys and some fun little mementos.

This was Dave's glove when he was little and some of my Dr. Seuss books from when I was young:

I made Luke the little beanbag snakes a couple of summers ago and the "superhero" print is a smaller version of one that I made for their Birthday Party last year.

I also framed lots of my favorite pics of the boys together:

This is the Masonator's bed :)  He is yet to sleep in it (my choice, not his)... but tonight may be the night.

This wall used to have letters that spelled out Luke McAnally, and I decided to put the McAnally back because... well, why not?!?!  The wire is actually a curtain wire with clips that I picked up at IKEA.  It was at least twice as long, but Haha cut it down so it would fit in between the bookcases.  I thought it would be a fun way to display some of the boys art, would be a good visual impact and would be easy to change out (I'm already thinking about Christmas!!!)

The snake sheets are REALLY random... especially considering that I DESPISE snakes... but I LOVED the colors and the "quirkiness" (and they were on sale at Pottery Barn - hahaha) so I went with them.

Mason can't quite get into the bed on his own, so I brought in this stool (that was mine when I was his age) to help him out...

The room is a really weird shape (strange angles, ceiling lines, etc.) and this little "corner" was kind of weirding me out... turns out that it's the boys favorite place to be. :)  I'm not sure if I'm going to leave it as is or change it up... some of my ideas include a little desk and chair, a small beanbag, etc.

Bookcase to the left of Mason's bed:

The quote on the top shelf if from Tommy Boy is an homage to Dave and his brothers :)

Super fun Homegoods find:

I'm obsessed with these wire baskets. My original thought was to put toys in them, but they ended up being a great way to store our TONS of paperback books that always want to "flop over" on the shelves.  I picked them up at Homegoods and am on the look out for LOTS more for a closet makeover I have in mind for Griffin's room.

Luke wanted to keep his bed in the same spot as it was so that he can look out the window :)

I wanted a nightstand, but since the bed has drawers that wasn't really an option, so I picked up this cute little chalkboard paper sorter to hold library books - this way Luke can reach them from bed.

All of the furniture is from the IKEA Hemnes collection and we actually have this dresser in our front hall (in the dark finish), and I am OBSESSED with it in white.

I changed out the hardare for some fun ones.  The top drawers have "atlas" knobs and the others are all a vintagey looking glass.

The lamp was a Homegoods find (seeing a theme, here?) and the picture is actually one of Dave's old baseball team pics :)

I picked a verse and made this fun little poster.  Again, I have ideas to change it out seasonally or as a new verse becomes appropriate. 

This is one of my FAVORITE pictures ever :)  It was from last May and I love everything about it.

These frames were in here before, and even though I thought about moving them, they were a PAIN to hang up... so I decided to leave them.  I'm not sure if I'll leave the numbers in them or not (I had those all printed years ago when I hung them the first time), but they'll probably stay since I don't want to take the frames down to switch them out :)

Looking out of the room:

One of my biggest concerns was storage, which is another reason I chose these beds.  Since this room has to house both boys clothes as well as toys, books, etc. I wanted to have MORE than enough and thankfully the drawers under the bed are HUGE (you're not even seeing it all!)...

... and the dresser has tons of room as well.

All of the hanging items fit and I bought this wire storage unit at IKEA to hold Duplos, Thomas the Train track pieces, hot wheels, etc.

I haven't really messed with the shelves on the right, but I see more file crates in our future :)
Anyway... I had tons of fun making this space for my two little guys.  I'm looking forward to them spending lots of time in there together and creating some fun memories sharing a room.  It's one big project crossed off of my "before Griffin comes" list and I'm relieved.  Next up is moving Mason in - wish me luck!!!


  1. This is absolutely adorable!! great job!!

  2. Andrea! It looks AMAZING! Great job mama!!!!!!!!!! I really really love it!

  3. It looks so good girl! I love, love, love it!!!

  4. what a great boy room! I hope that someday I can design a room half as cool as this for my son. I love your IKEA beds & dresser...I may have to make a trek to Pittsburgh to get that dresser :)

  5. so cute!! love your taste ~ i'm sure your boys are going to enjoy it!! =)

  6. This is a perfect little boys room! I love everything about it. :)

  7. Love their room! Looks great. I love getting sneak peeks into people's homes!

  8. do you know what paint color you used for the walls?


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