Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bass Pro Christmas

After the Gaylord, we loaded up, grabbed some snacks and decided to make a stop at Bass Pro Shops since we were close by.  Mason LOVES him some Haha!!!

Luke got to drive a big remote-control truck (which he thought was AWESOME!)

And then he and Daddy got to play a target practice game:

Love how hard he's concentrating! :)

While brother shot a pretend gun, Mason snuggled with as many stuffed animals as he possibly could :)

Luke practiced driving some boats:

While Mason took his very first ride on a carousel!

After about the second time around, Mason got super squirmy and ended up backwards on the reindeer :)

After the carousel it was straight to the fourwheelers...

Mason "saving" his brother (and no, he took his shoes off - pick your battles, right???)

Luke tried on a weird paintball mask before we headed out to see some other ATVs:

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