Saturday, August 11, 2012

Business as Usual

This week has been back to "business as usual" for the McAnally's - I started teacher in-service on Wednesday and it's been non-stop ever since.  I LOVE my summers - spending quality time with my boys (and my pajamas), but I do love the routine of school.  Mason started back at Miss Lisa's house on Wednesday and Luke has been coming to MCA with me.  They offer ESS (extended school supervision) for staff kids during our in-service days and he has been LOVING IT!

One thing Luke wasn't crazy about though was getting up early.  This boy was RARELY up before 7:30 during the summer - so 6:45 came early for him on Wednesday :)
 We got ready, ate breakfast and tried to snap a picture together on the way out - but the excitement was mounting and Luke didn't have a whole lot of patience for pictures.  I dropped him off with the promise that he could come and eat lunch with me in my classroom.  11:45 rolled around and when I went to get him for lunch he asked me if I could just bring it down there for him so he could eat it with his friends.  So glad that he's happy and comfortable - but a little bit sad that I've been replaced by school friends :(
Thursday morning was another early one - as evidenced by Luke trying to catch a few extra minutes of sleep while I picked up my drink at Starbucks :)

Thursday afternoon we headed out a little bit early to take Mason to the pediatrician for his follow-up appointment (seriously, another post in itself) - and Luke obviously played hard that day because he was snoring before we even pulled out of the parking lot :)

Mason stayed home from the sitter on Friday and so I went home to eat lunch with him (Dave was home with him in the morning and Haha watched him in the afternoon) and he was still excited to eat lunch with his mommy :)  After eating his own lunch he decided to eat some of my sandwich and drink my tea.  We crack up at him drinking because he looks like he's skydiving :)Getting back to "business as usual" has been kind of exhausting - and if you're a teacher you know how fun all those beginning of the year meetings are :), but a highlight this year has been that my friend Amanda (she teaches middle school with me) has been bringing her 6-week old, Zoey, with her.  Nothing like getting a little baby fix during a policies/procedures meeting.  :)

This is John (another teacher) holding Zoey during one of our breaks.

I have in-service all day Monday, meet-the-teacher (for Luke at 6 and then I'm on at 7) on Monday night, another work day on Tuesday and then it's the first official day back on Wednesday!

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  1. I totally laughed out loud at the skydiving comment. That is EXACTLY what he looks like!!!


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