Monday, July 30, 2012

Operation Overboard

Last week Luke attended Vacation Bible School at Christ Fellowship.  It was 9-11 on Monday - Thursday and he had the best time!  The theme was Operation Overboard and they went on "diving missions" going "deep" into the word of God :)

Here is my little Diver and Dave before leaving for VBS on Thursday morning.


Dave, Gibi, Haha, Mason and I all attended his "program" Thursday at 11.  Here's Luke walking in (he's holding his teacher's hand)...

Mason was really into the lights :)

Each of the age groups (3, 4 and 5) went to the front and sang a song - here you can kind of see Luke dancing while the 3 year olds performed.

There he is!!!

The girl behind him pushed her way up front and I could see Luke say to her, "MOVE PLEASE - I CAN'T SEE MY MOMMY!"

She proceeded to dance in front of him..

... and so he made his move around her :)

Dave had to hurry back to work (this was right in the middle of his lunch rush), but I managed to get a cute picture of my boys with Haha and Gibi

Doesn't he look so excited?!?!  Right before I took this picture there were two little girls standing in front of the backdrop posing with their hands on their hips, smiling and all that - and then I get this...

I'm so glad that my little man had such a fun time.  Every day he came home talking about his teachers, crafts and even though he wouldn't sing them for us - he told us that he was working on learning songs. :)

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