Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fun on the Fourth

We started off our Fourth of July with a parade on the square.   Before the parade started Luke had to take a minute to try out the tractor (it was at this point that I realized that I left the battery for my good camera sitting in the charger - so all of my pics are from my iPhone)

 We found a shady spot and settled in to watch.

I've mentioned in previous "parade posts", that they're one of my very favorite things about McKinney because they seem so "small town".  Apparently anyone can enter the parade as you'll see from the pictures below....

Vikings just scream Independence Day, am I right???

There were no less than 3,000 motorcycles :)

Mason typically naps from 9 - 11 in the mornings, and the parade started at 10.  We had one sleepy boy on our hands...

Luke got a big kick out of all the old cars.  There's a car show in the afternoon and I think a lot of these are entries...


 My new favorite picture - I love the look on Mason's face (including his kissy lips) and the fact that he has a cracker in his hand (homeboy pretty much always has a cracker in his hand). LOVE!

Lady Liberty with dogs in a stroller...

Luke was being super cooperative at this point: 

 When we were walking across the square to meet up with Jonathan, Tori, Matthew and Stefan we ran into one of Luke's friends from his babysitter's house.  Beck is his bestie at Miss Lisa's and they were so excited to be reunited :)

Mason and Levi touching toes :)

Luke and Lilly

(Apparently is the only one who knows how to look at the camera and smile -this is why she's the model. hehehe)

After the parade we went to the Stonebridge pool for swimming and lunch (and ice cream, of course!)

When we got home it was time for naps :)

Mason got into some mischief and then we picked up Gibi and Haha to go eat bbq...

After dinner there was more ice cream...

And lots of love for Gibi :)

  This was right before mason PASSED OUT on the way home.  He was soooooo tired.

 Mason and I stayed home for the rest of the night, but Dave and Luke went to Craig Ranch to meet up and watch the fireworks.  
It was a perfect Fourth filled with local charm, ice cream and bbq :)

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