Thursday, July 19, 2012

15 Months

Mason had his 15-month check-up this week and all was well.  Sweet boy it happy and healthy and "has quite the personality".  His percentiles have gone up for both height and weight (I believe they were both 25% at his 12-month) and it looks like he may be growing into his head (which has always been above the 95th percentile).  He doesn't have any "words" yet, but the doctor found his babbling impressive and after watching him crawl the doctor confirmed our thoughts that he's not walking yet because, "he may be the fastest baby ever!". :)

He got two vaccines and milked them for all they were worth.  He got lots of sympathy hugs and snuggles and worked it until we walked out the door of the building, at which point he was all smiles.
So thankful for our little man!!!  Next check-up 18 months!

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