Friday, June 1, 2012

Sr. Trip - Last Day

On Tuesday, we woke up SUPER early, put all our bags in the "luggage storage room" and headed out for another cold and wet day in NYC.  We went to the Today Show, saw Ann Curry and made it on TV!

Ann was rocking some YELLOW Hunter Wellies that I was ALL ABOUT :)

After our 5 minutes of fame, we went to NBC studios for a tour (no pictures allowed).  After the tour we did some shopping in the Studio Store...

We made a quick stop at St. Patrick's Cathedral and my dinky cell phone pictures REALLY don't do it justice.  It was absolutely GORGEOUS!

After St. Patricks we headed over to the Carnegie Deli to gorge ourselves on meat before flying home.  When we walked in I turned to Chloe and said, "we just walked past Paula Deen", to which she replied, "I thought so too, but that woman is to skinny".  hahaha

At that point we heard her talking and KNEW that it was THE Paula Deen.  The girls really wanted a picture with her, but were afraid to ask, so I decided to use my "chaperone powers" for good.  "Miss Deen, hi! This is their Senior Trip and they'd really LOVE a picture with you!"  Of course, she was super sweet and obliged and I was all ready to take the picture when her assistant stepped in and offered to take it.   The space was really cramped and I'm blaming that for the REALLY awkward angle of my face... oh well. :)  It's PAULA DEEN!

she loved that the girls were from Texas and after a few seconds of gushing on our part she gave them all hugs and was out the door.  Sarah kept commenting that she had touched her arm and it WAS SO SOFT! hahahaha  

After our star-shock we sat down to eat.  Chloe and I split the Roast Beef sandwich and I think that was a good idea (my fork is there for reference).  It was the most meat I have ever had on a sandwich, but it was HEAVENLY!  I love me some roast beef and this didn't disappoint.

After Carnegie it was back to Times Square for a last 30 minutes of shopping, then back to the hotel to pick up our bags and meet the vans that would take us to the airport.  After some drama in the terminal (this guy in front of us in security had his wallet stolen from the bin that you have to put all your stuff in and he, not so quietly, made the point that "all these dang kids came through the line and now my wallet's missing!" - we were there super early and the security kiosk was right by our gate, so we got to watch them reviewing security footage, seeing the wallet being stolen and then set off on a hunt to find the culprit - who WASN'T one of the "dang kids" in my group. hahaha)  Our flight was delayed and then delayed AGAIN when we were on the tarmac and then delayed AGAIN during our short layover in Charlotte.  We made it home after midnight, I was asleep by 2 a.m. and then up again at 6:00 to be at school to proctor my exams. 

I proctored exams on Wednesday and Thursday, got all 5 of my exams graded and entered on Thursday afternoon, packed up my classroom Thursday afternoon and Friday morning (I'm moving classrooms - it's going to be FUN!), went to Academic Awards Friday morning and graduation Friday night.  I finally got a chance to do laundry and unpack my bag this past weekend. 

The trip was an exhausting whirlwind, but so so so much fun.  The seniors were awesome and I hope that I get to go again soon!

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