Friday, June 1, 2012


Here are some miscellaneous iPhone pictures from the last few days.

Luke has been ALL ABOUT using his "magination" to design and build lego cars.  Mommy has been ALL ABOUT encouraging this activity since he plays quietly for HOURS :)
 The only downside to legos are the thousands upon thousands of teeny tiny pieces.  We came up with a system that's working for now :)

On Tuesday Dave was off, so I was able to make an uninterrupted trip to Sams (and Kroger) - we're stocked and ready for some summer fun! :)
 Before I hit up Sams I stopped in at school to see how the classroom move was going, this "little" fella greeted me upon my arrival.  GROSS!

On Wednesday night Luke and I headed to WalMart for a couple of things and he convinced me that he needed a new lego set (remember, I'm encouraging this activity).  He was sooooooooo excited about it at the store, but was asleep in the car about 2 minutes after pulling out.  Dave had to carry him out of the car and he then laid on the carpet in our entryway for a good 10 minutes.  So funny!

I'm attempting to do a craft most days that we're home, and yesterday's craft (or was it Wednesday... I don't remember) was a dinosaur.  The plan was to take the shapes and try to "fit them" into the scales, but he did it just fine his own way.  Getting to use the glue all by himself was apparently a big treat.

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