Sunday, June 3, 2012

First Trip to the Pool

We went to the pool for the first time this Thursday night and it was kind of a bust.  Mason wasn't a huge fan of the float, instead he wanted to crawl around the outside of the pool.

 If you know Mason at all, you know that he is DETERMINED!  And he was DETERMINED to get out of the float. hahaha.  This should be an interesting summer :)

Luke loved the float, but because he was putting his hot wheels cars in it :)

Mason hung out in the stroller and played peek-a-boo

And was his usually smiley self. I think he preferred being warm and dry to being in the water.

Luke was much braver about the water than last year - he was all about going "under"

Mason kept an eye on his big brother (like always)...

...and he was nosey about EVERYTHING else that was going on as well. :)

The boys ate their dinner at the pool...

And Luke even shared (his carrots - hahaha)

Mason wants EVERYTHING that Luke has (including Go-Gurt)

Brace yourselves - there's LOTS more pool pics coming up. :)

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