Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day

The boys (Luke and Mason - hehehe) had matching "I LOVE DAD" shirts for Father's Day.  I REALLY wanted a cute picture of them with Dave before we left for church, but I don't think that 8:20 (as we're rushing out the door) is necessarily anyone's best time for a photo shoot. :)

I managed to get a couple of cute ones...

But I had about 75 that looked like some variation of this...

The "outtake" pictures are often my favorites... like the one where Luke looks like he's chocking Mason and Mason looks like he's punching Luke - too funny!  In some ways I can't wait for the day where it takes us 30 seconds to get a good picture where everyone is smiling, but I think I might miss the crawling away, trying to grab trees, crying and other general silliness. :)

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