Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 4 - NYC

On Saturday morning we packed our bags and walked to the train station where we caught the train to Manhattan.  The ride was about 4 hours and was actually really nice.  I took a nap, read and was able to watch some TV on my iPhone thanks to the WiFi.  When we arrived in NYC we had to walk (with our bags) about 18 blocks to the hotel. Keep in mind that this is right off Times Square and around 12:00 on a Saturday. We got checked in to the hotel and Laura and I found our room (TEENY!) and opened the window to see the view and found this....

I have NO clue what the nets were for.  And we kept the shade pulled the rest of the time because when we went down to the lobby a group of students was like "hey, we could see y'all in your room from our window!". :)

There were big murals painted throughout the hallways, this was one at the end of our hall (yes, it's painted right over someone's door)

We dropped our bags off and then headed to Times Square to look around and have lunch.

Michal was REALLY creeped out by the Edward Scissorhands that was walking around, sooooooooo I snapped a picture of her with him (kind of).

Where does the big group from Texas eat lunch?!?!?! BBQ, of course! :)

So.......... my dad texted me while I was in DC to tell me that my cousin Stacy and her family were in NY for a long weekend.  I texted her when we got to Times Square and we were able to meet up (briefly, unfortunately)...

It had been YEARS since I'd seen Stacy and her kids, so it was really nice to get to see them, even if it was only for a couple of minutes.

After shopping and sight seeing we had a chance to go back to the hotel and change for Wicked.
(of course I used some of my "getting ready time" to make a Starbucks run. hahaha)

I had seen Wicked when the tour came through Dallas, but seeing it in NYC was amazing!

These are a little out of order, but here are a couple of pics of our teeny hotel room.  This was taken from standing in the doorway...

There was a cabinet to the right of my bed, and then the wall.  Next to Laura's bed was the a/c unit and then the wall.  

The room was so tiny that they had a sliding door on the bathroom (there wasn't enough room to have one that opened out into the room). Despite being small, it had just been renovated and was actually really nice.  We felt a little bit like we were in a dorm, but by the end of the days we were too tired to care. hahaha

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