Friday, June 15, 2012

Brothers Don't Shake Hands...

... Brothers gotta HUG!!!
(Did any of y'all just get my Chris Farley "Tommy Boy" reference - hahaha)

Last Wednesday we met Haha for Lunch and then later that afternoon Mason was in the exersaucer while I was doing something in the kitchen.  Luke walked in and the lovefest began.  Luckily I had my iPhone around and was able to snap this quick pic...
 ...because by the time I ran to get my good camera and come back the sweetness had turned pretty silly. :)

(and yes, Sheaffer pointed out to me that in pretty much all of my pics my kids are dressed for Winter... that's because it's perpetually Fall at the McAnally house - we turn the air down, light our pumpkin candles, bake banana bread, wear sweats and pretend that it's October. It's the only way that the crazy hot summer is bearable)

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  1. Laughing SO hard at the hooded fleece sweatshirts! The boys are super cute all cuddled up!


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